Friday, September 4, 2009

These are my confessions

* It's 3am and I'm up watching The Steve Harvey Show with a Mario Badescu face mask on. If I continue to like the products, I'll be going to his skin care salon. That sounds like a good idea for my 25th birthday :) A trip to New York to get my hair cut and go to a day spa afterward to either celebrate my new hair or dry my tears! New York people, are y'all in?

*I think one of the reasons TheCount and I get along so well is because I can't remember stuff after an hour, and he can't stay awake if I leave him in a room alone. He asks what I'm mad about and half the time I have forgotten, so we just keep it trucking.

*I'm going to get my work done at work today, I've been lazy beyond belief and it's not acceptable. I will be productive today!

*I made TheCount drag in some furniture from the dumpster the other day. I went out on the patio and primed it earlier. I'm going to get some paint and some sturdy wood for the back today. Dang it, I forgot to measure it- note to self.

*I always mean to respond to comments on the blog. I"ll keep that email as a reminder and then I forget, and when I remember again it's days later and I figure everybody has moved on by then.

*Did I tell y'all I finally got a diagnosis from my doctor? Y'all one of the symptoms is concentration/memory loss. I actually felt relieved reading that. I've been thinking I had a mild form of retardation because some times I could not get my brain together (my mom fell out laughing when I told her this). There will be days when I'm typing blog posts and I can't get the words right. I was an English major, I know their, there, and they're. There were days when I messed up every single homonym in the post. Well now I can blame it on something :)

*I cornrowed my hair in 5 big braids. It took me 30 minutes to do each braid. I've decided I'll invite my best friend over for dinner once a week and get her to do all braiding for me.

*Garlic butter with Mexican food is the best thing in life. Please try it sometime.

*Our bank account is off the hook :) I've been finding exceptionally great deals lately that allow us to save even more money! I also get a reimbursement check next week for my traveling :)

*Answer honestly, would it be very wrong of me to take my reimbursement check and use it to fund my fall wardrobe? I want some booties, some other heels, I need tennis shoes, I want an orange purse, and I would like some blouses. I mean, I can keep it a secret and pay WalMart $3 to cash the check, or I could just be honest and TheCount and I both go shopping with it. In November I'll be getting an even bigger check because I have a lot of flu shot clinics to travel to, and we'll use that for Christmas shopping. See I've thought this all through.

*I don't like taking pain medication. It's odd, because while my foot has stopped hurting, my knees and left thumb have decided to constantly ache. Who in the heck can remember to take a pill twice a day? I used to have to get a text every day to remember to take my birth control. This pill has to be taken with food and I don't eat at the same time every day so I always forget.

*TheCount had the opportunity to participate in a big meeting at work yesterday. He was meeting with the engineers and investors of a property and was the sole representative for his company present. Go baby, go!

*I'm having a ball on twitter still. Are y'all on there yet? That's a lot easier for me to keep up with because I always have my phone with me. I finally have a place to store all those random pictures I take on my phone.

*Alright, I'm going to bed now. Y'all got any confessions for today?


Jazz said...

whats your twitter name? Im jazzydiva22 , add me

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