Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Food, Family, Fun

Can I tell y'all how fabulous my weekend was? I haven't had that much family and friend time in a long while, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It threatened to start off bad, but after a lot of prayer, and a little downtime, I was good to go.
My client's office was closed. I thought it was going to be a light day where I could just finish up a report I was working on. No go. My boss sent over a list of 260 people that needed to have some prior authorizations entered. At this exact moment (no lie man) I got a headache so bad I couldn't see straight. I kept looking at my screen but I couldn't focus on any words. I called my oh so loving husband and told him and he said, "are you driving? well then you'll be alright." I hung up on him. Y'all may not know this about me, but I hate when people say to me, oh you'll be alright. If they say, it will be alright, then I'm ok with that. The first phrase seems like a brush off to me. I know it's odd, but hey, my husband knows that about me so he shouldn't have said it. For hours I sat at my desk in pain. I finally went out to my car and laid down for an hour. When I got back up, I could see even though my head was hurting and I got some of my work done.
My mommy came up and spent the afternoon with me :) She never, ever does this so I was excited. We went to a flea market, and Target, and the grocery store. Just mundane stuff but since I had my momma, I was happy. TheCount went down to my parents house that day so my dad could help him fix the brakes on his car. Fixed brakes for $40 is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.
We went to church and service was really good! My best friend came back to church and this time she brought her boyfriend with her. It made me smile :) Since MamaCount's birthday had just passed we took her out to brunch. Normally I don't really enjoy time spent with MamaCount, SisterCount, and NieceCount all at the same time- in fact, nobody does- but this time we actually had fun. They all went shopping after brunch while TheCount and I went home to get ready for our evening get together. They decided to stop back by the apartment after shopping and NieceCount helped me cook. Let me be honest and say, I never particularly cared for this particular niece, but I think in her 8 year old self, she has become much more enjoyable. Now if only I can get her to stop kissing me, we can really hang out. I'm glad she's affectionate, but I cannot sit and let you kiss my cheek for 30 seconds without pushing you off of me. Thankfully Mama, Sister, and TheCount know this about me and normally pull her off of me after 5 kisses. Anyway, she helped me make pecan pie cookies (recipe coming, they were heavenly), we walked to the store together, and she helped me make a pizza roll (recipe not coming, I need to find a better one). In fact the pecan pie cookies that I made with NieceCount came out much better than the batch I made the previous night, I'm glad she was there.  MamaCount kept asking if she was in the way or getting on my nerves, and she honestly wasn't. She has learned to obey and calm down, wonderful traits in a child! Mama and Sister Count also kept telling me how proud they were of me (y'all know I'm crazy, I guess they had doubts about my skills as a wife). My house was immaculate, it was smelling good and I had everything perfectly organized for the get together we were having that evening. I even had time to finish painting a piece of furniture that I made TheCount drag in from the dumpster (I've had a lot of projects lately, pictures to come). As MamaCount sat on the couch and flipped through my food magazines, she commented on how. "TM has become quite the family chef. " It made me smile, she doesn't through out compliments often. Anyway, they left around 9 and then TheCount's friends came. I served lasagna (recipe coming), gorgonzola garlic bread, bean dip (recipe coming) and chips, and pecan pie cookies. All the guys gave me a thumbs up, and didn't even stop to warm it up when they went back for seconds and thirds, so I guess it was good. At 10pm, we had the fantasy football draft. This year, I'm participating! I'm the only girl, so all the guys were laughing at me. I did my research, asked advice from some guys I knew that weren't in our league, and had a list of good players and some strategy. They really thought I didn't know what I was doing. My own daddy (who's in the league) called me to make fun of me. When we started picking players, they realized I knew a thing or two about the game! Hearing somebody scream out, "dang, who just took my player? TM! How dare you!" I just smiled to myself and stayed focused. At the end of the draft they asked me if TheCount told me who to pick. No sir, my own husband wouldn't help me, he will not get the credit. My team name is Perry the Platypus, if you don't know, ask somebody with kids. After that, I was worn out so I went to bed. The guys stayed over and played video games until about 5 am. It was crazy. Two of them fell asleep and just spent the night.
Surprisingly, I walked out to a clean house. That's the quickest way to get re-invited over, act like you have some home training. TheCount and I just chilled all day. I did my hair, we watched a Criminal Minds marathon, and enjoyed each others company. Good times had by all.
How was your weekend?


pserendipity said...

I have a child. Who is Perry the Platypus?

I've never understood fantasy football. Or real football for that matter.

Product Junkie Diva said...

sounds like you had a blast, minus the vision zapping headache you had. :-)

Anonymous said...

Girl, Phineas and Ferb is my show. My child has me hooked on it.

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