Thursday, September 3, 2009

Out of Retirement

Can I be honest with y'all? Lately I've been having an internal battle. I haven't been able to understand things about God that I feel as though I should. Certain things I can understand and apply, and other things I'm like, well what does that mean? This Sunday at church our pastor was teaching on changing lives as a witness for God. As Christians, people should be able to look at our lives and see God's hand in it. We have a year long campaign at church, "each one reach one," because in the end, if nobody is in heaven that you helped get there, you have failed at life. Being that I am a shy person, I've always had problems with talking to adults about Jesus. Kids? I'm all on it! I was even on the news before because I was going around teaching a summer long camp about Jesus to children in Maryland and DC. It was a lot of fun, but I can't let that be my peak in life. I can't get to heaven and be like, "Jesus, you don't remember back in 2002 when I was teaching all those kids? Man, I thought I could retire after that." Anyway, on Sunday we prayed that God would use us to make a difference in at least one life this week. I've already exceeded my goal :)
On Tuesday I had to travel for work. When I got to my location, I set up my table and there was a nurse sitting there with me. We had 4 hours to be there and not a lot of people were coming through after the first hour so we just sat and talked. Y'all she sounded so defeated. The whole time, I felt God saying, 'talk to her about me, talk to her about me'. So I did. How about by the end of our conversation she had her hands raised up in the air (FYI: I didn't make her do that, lol) and gave her life over to God. She told me she was going to church this Sunday, so I took her phone number so I could call and check up on her since she lives to far away to come to my church. I hope she sticks with it, because there is no way any one person is supposed to be that miserable.
Yesterday I was about to turn into my complex and my best friend called me. She was at work and her dad was supposed to pick her up an hour ago, and she hadn't heard from him. She works about 5 minutes from where we live so I just kept going and picked her up. She called her dads phone, his girlfriends phone, his wife's phone- yeah, he's one of those dudes. He never answered. I told her to just come to church with us and we'll take her home afterward. She agreed and wouldn't you know she went down for the altar call and rededicated her life to God AND she joined our church :) I love her so dearly, and she has come a looooonnnnngggggg way since I first met her. She used to curse out her boyfriend and call him a princess in public (that all stopped when he snapped one day and popped off on her). She was so hot tempered and vindictive- because she was hurting. Over the past 5 years, she has truly blossomed, but this past year she kind of was falling back. I'm so glad things happened the way they did today. Now she'll be riding with us every Wednesday to church, and she'll be bringing her little sister on Sunday's since she spends the weekend at her moms house.
I hope y'all don't take this as me tooting my own horn, cuz it's not like that at all, I was just so glad God showed up this week the way he did.
Funny story time: I had to work in the nursery at church last night, so TheCount and Bestie went into the sanctuary together. Folks were looking at him like, "harpo, who is dis woman?" The ushers were like, umm, do you need seats for 3? He was like, no just 2. This OtherWoman was like, "ohh is this your wife, I've never met her before," knowing goodness well she knows who I am, she just wanted to make sure TheCount wasn't a complete fool. I'm glad to know EVERYBODY has my back because he was like people kept on making sure bestie knew TheCount was married, and that TheCount knew they saw him with this woman that was not me, lol. When the 3 of us were leaving. The OtherWoman from earlier was like, "ohhh I see you and is that your beautiful wife?" One of the elders was outside too, and she was like, "oh you guys have a visitor with you." I turned around cheesing, and corrected her, "no! we have a new member." How about everybody turned around and started clapping and cheering for bestie, it was hilarious. OtherWoman was finally at peace with the situation because she pointed out, "you can always tell best friends because y'all look just alike and both have super bright smiles." We're going to ignore the fact that we look nothing alike (she's 5 inches shorter, about 3 shades darker, 30 pounds lighter, and is super stylish) and I'll take it as a compliment or her subtle way of digging for more info.


kisz4tj said...

ROFL!!! @ "harpo, who is dis woman?"

Even on serious posts you're hysterical! I know how you feel. You can't be in heaven without having helped someone else to get there too.

I've yet to have that satisfaction (that I know of). I've witnessed to PLENTY of friends..with no change.

I've not given up tho. My church is having a crusade in two weeks. I agreed to be apart of the committee that calls up people to invite them out. Pray!

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