Monday, September 21, 2009


Good Morning :) Peep the footnotes when you get to the asterisks, I go on way to many tangents so I had to just throw some stuff at the bottom.
My plans for a do nothing weekend were changed by TheCount. Do nothing weekend quickly turned into, you do everything weekend.  He decided that we should keep his 8 year old niece since it was his sister's birthday. I agreed because nobody wants to be the evil sister-n-law/aunt. He went down to pick her up on Friday and stopped at the barbershop while he was waiting for her to get ready. Then this dude called me and tried this line, "umm, babe, I got invited to a fight party tomorrow night, so can you watch NieceCount while I go?" He got hit with, "you better get off my phone and don't call me with no dumb mess like that again," and then I went about my evening. When they finally got to the house, she was sleep so we just put her on the couch since it was way past her bedtime anyway. Then TheCount tried this line, "so you gonna get up and fix us breakfast?" Oh dear people, when will this dude learn? I hit him with the Why Did I Get Married line, "you better remember who you're married to," I don't remember the exact wording, but he got the point. I am not now, I wasn't then, and I don't foresee myself in the near future becoming the person that wakes up early on Saturday morning to do anything but what I want to do*. Saturday is my day of rest. It was before we dated, it was while we dated, and it has definitely been since we got married. When we were in school, I only did school work on Tuesday-Friday. I had classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday most semesters and I refused to do school work on weekends which meant I wasn't getting much sleep on Tuesday-Friday. On Saturdays my roommates quickly learned not to knock on my door before 1pm, to get out of my way if they saw me stumbling down the hall to find the bathroom with my eyes closed, and to only be alarmed if I hadn't emerged by 6pm. I always woke up to notes under my door asking me to come get them when I woke up. It's amazing how these ladies could learn this, but TheCount can't. Back to the point, I looked at TheCount and politely (well it was more polite than pushing him off the stool which is what I wanted to do) said, "baby, when you invite people over, you take care of them. You don't decide to do something and then make it my responsibility. You're going to get up and cook breakfast, and please don't set off the fire alarm like last time** and make me have to get up. I will be mad. You knew the fight was tomorrow, you shouldn't have agreed to pick up your niece. You fussed at me all week long about going to Lame-O's baby shower, then when I finally give in and say I'll go, you decide to bring up an 8 year old meaning I can't even go to the baby shower because I'm not taking her. Please tell me what the heck you're thinking about, cuz I'm not digging it." We had a very productive conversation that lead to some very positive ideas about how things were going to work.
Saturday morning TheCount got up and fixed breakfast while I slept. I kept hearing him come in and out of the room and then I heard him come in, but not leave, and the room was silent. I opened my eyes and this dude is kneeling down next to the bed staring me in face. "I really want you to wake up because NieceCount and I have some plans we want to discuss with you." He decided to have a fight party at the house and wanted to know if I would fix some food. I'm not going to lie, I was still agitated as heck because I was not ready to get up. I stayed irritated for about 2 hours, but NieceCount's insane laughter helped perk me up. My mom sent me a text (cuz she knows the rules) telling me to call her when I got up. She ended up coming up and we took NieceCount with us while we went to get some Oyin Handmade hair products (oh how I love them). Since my momma was in the hanging out mood, we also did our grocery shopping for the party and had lunch via the samples at Sam's Club. NieceCount was a big help because she liked pushing the cart (even though it was bigger than her) and reading the grocery. We got back to the house, said bye to MommaTM and got to work fixing food for our guests. We made oven baked chicken tenders (I posted that recipe before), honey garlic chicken wings (I hated them) and loaded potato skins. TheCount did all the cleaning and such. We had a good night with our friends. This post is getting kind of long, so I'll finish it up tomorrow.
*This weekend I decided that when I have kids, there will be a Saturday morning nanny. She will come over, fix breakfast, walk them through morning chores, and do one activity with them. By then TheCount should be done with basketball/barbershop/or any church duties and he can take over until I'm ready. Don't rain on my parade with your opinions here, this WILL happen. I can't be my fabulous loving, creative self without some time to recharge.
**This fool was making bacon in the oven. The bacon was hanging over the edge of the pan in our gas oven. Everybody knows that bacon is greasy, right? Everybody knows what happens when that grease drips down into the gas oven, right? Everybody knows how TM reacted when she had to get out of bed to assist because of foolishness, right?


Nerd Girl said...

LOL - good luck with the Saturday nanny!!!

Anonymous said...

When you have a child, you're going to need a Saturday morning nanny so you can wake up early and get stuff done!

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