Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Find the positive

Last night I was at home and tired. I didn't feel like cooking so I just had tomato soup. I decided to put my hair back in cornrows since my crinkles didn't come out like I wanted. One hour and 5 braids later, I was done. I tied on my scarf and decided to go to bed early. I went in the bedroom put on my nightgown and got in bed- then my phone rang. It was my coworker Z telling me I needed to come to his house to get the laptop because I won't be working from my office, I'll be working from his for the rest of the week. Excuse me? A bunch of blah blah blah later I'm on my way to his house at 9pm. I'm going to leave out the part of this scenario when my dear sweet husband told me to calm down when I was explaining to him the situation- I'll leave it out because I don't feel like bad mouthing my baby today- I'm trying to like him again. Anyway I get to his house and get the laptop and go back home. Of course I got lost in his apartment complex, whoever designed their parking lot and streetlight ratio was an idiot. I got back home and realized dangit, I don't have any of my stuff. My passwords, the things I was working on, all the things I need like his voicemail password and such. Oh well. Dangit, I also have to go to the bank because I have to pay to park now. I did find the positive- working from his office means I get reimbursed for my mileage so I get an extra $150 next week (I'm definitely going shopping now- do you know what my cheap self can get for $150? Well I'll show you when I get it).
This morning I got up and got on my merry little way. My hair turned out nice and I made my way to the bank. I decided I deserved Panera Bread since I didn't have time to prepare meals for my day out of the office. I don't eat anything prepared in this building and it's a cold and rainy day so I probably won't be able to walk anywhere and I have to pay to park so I won't be driving anywhere. Two minutes and a toasted Asiago Cheese bagel later I was on my way to work. Folks act like fools in the rain so there was a ridiculous amount of traffic. I finally made it and dragged myself in the building. It is freeeeeeezing. Z has a heater- but it's locked in the cabinet I don't have the key to. Hmmm, let me log in and tell the people in my office where I am. Oh joy, my email doesn't work. Hmmm, Z has a voicemail- but I don't know the password. Let me call somebody- oh, all that information is in my "Cover for Z folder" that is in my office because I have been covering for Z from there. Find the positive- I got help expose this woman and her doctor for all this excessive pain medication- I love doing investigations. I also look really pretty today :)
My fingers are freezing and my joints are getting so stiff I can't type anymore so let me just go peruse the innanets since I can't do my actual work.
{I do believe I just felt like complaining. Shame on me. Tomorrow's post will be filled with positivity and light. Maybe if I stop being all dramatic my fingers would work. Let's try that.} 


kisz4tj said...

Well your title is I woulda been pissed to crap had Z called me up talkin' bout you gotta get outta your pause on your dreams and come get xyz...PISSED I TELL YA!

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