Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I just may cut her

Last night TheCount and I decided to go out to dinner last minute. I had some gift cards from and I picked the closest place. Two minutes later when we pulled up at Morgan's and walked in, we realized we were the only customers. Have you ever been the only people at a restaurant from the time you walked in until the time you left? We had some great customer service and great food. Linen table clothes and fresh flowers on the tables all for us :) I think part of the problem is the menu they have posted online is expensive, but when you get there, they have an additional recession menu with much cheaper prices. Perhaps Tuesday is just not a popular night for dining out, all the more reason why I will be going out on Tuesday's from now on.
It hurts my soul to see my obese office mate guzzling Pepsi's all day. I don't understand why she doesn't get it! Her mother is in and out of the hospital and my office mate constantly chastises her for her health choices, but she is headed the exact same way. Uggghhh! I'll try and get a picture and post it later on today.
I'm getting my hair done tomorrow, I haven't done that in so long! I'm going with my best friend to her new hairdresser. She talked to her hairdresser about me and she said she'd help me transition until I'm ready to cut it off. I hope this goes well, I've never had a regular hairdresser before.
TheCount and I both seem to be fighting off a cold. It hasn't hit yet, but it's in the pre-stages. It makes me extra sleepy. Yesterday I almost killed myself trying to walk into our building. I was so tired that I missed the step and my hands were full so I could barely grab the railing. I left a puddle of sweet tea in front of the door, my shoe flew off and everything. As soon as I ate, I took a nap because I just couldn't function. Since TheCount wanted to be hardheaded yesterday, I just drugged his "tea." He figured out it was theraflu though, but I still made him drink it. He refuses to get the proper amount of rest required to fight off illness.
Why is my office mate reading Harry Potter Synopsises (synopsi?, Synopsis'?) out loud to somebody on the phone. This reading is peppered with random singing, and conversations about her baby making plans. Lord Jesus, give me strength, and a plate of mexican food with refried beans- I'm hungry.


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