Thursday, July 22, 2010

House Hunting: New Leads

We're going to look at 2 houses tonight. I probably won't have pictures because we won't be going inside, but we want to check out the neighborhoods to see if we even want to pursue either of them. One of the houses is a fixer upper, which I'm really happy about. In my mind, I deserve a show on HGTV because I think I'm so creative and handy. MrC does not have quite as much confidence in my skills. There was one realllllly raggedy house we saw with a wrap around porch and it was only $90,000. I wanted to buy it so I could start fresh and customize it. MrC shut that down with the quickness and wouldn't even pull over so I could look at it. This house requires a little less work, so he's all for it. My mom also wants us to get a fixer upper. You hear that HGTV? Would you like a show about a cute, black, natural hair having mother daughter team fixing up a house one room at a time on a strict budget? Of course you would! It could even be an e-show. Dear HGTV, call me!
Anyway, the Ryan homes people have plenty of houses in a subdivision that were just as pretty as the townhome condo! But they cost $500,000. The condo townhomes were already pretty pricey (ok, everything around here is pretty pricey. It comes with the territory when you live in the #2 best small town in America.) I'm currently passing around the collection plate for you all to contribute, as this is so far out of our budget. I think I'm still going to email them, but I'm not going to tell y'all why because if y'all laugh at me like my husband did, I'll be really sad.
MrC has been tasked with calling the housing commission people to see what kind of programs they have. We definitely don't qualify for low income, but I thought we would qualify for moderate income housing programs, but it turns out we're too rich for that too! Hear that bank account? We're rich, so act like it!
p.s. my funny money situation at work still has not been resolved. It's cool though. As long as I get my back pay.


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