Thursday, July 15, 2010

Leaving work early!

I love my church dearly, but last nights 4 hour Bible Study was ridiculous. Especially for the people that were working and not in service. Thirteen kids under 2, well past their bedtimes. Oh what fun it was! It was even more fun when I had to write an incident report because a child got bit on the nose. I got home after midnight. At least the workers I had were good and fun! We were telling jokes all night. It was truly a laugh to keep from crying time.
Tonight MrC's job got everybody tickets to a crab feast. Lord Jesus I pray I don't embarrass my husband but I live for crab feasts! I don't know of anything this side of heaven better than a crab feast! I forgot to paint my nails with clear nail strengthner last night, but I'm going to do it as soon as I get home. Let me file some of them down lower too. I am serious about my seafood.
I've been trying to do my dang work, but the reporting tool seems to be broken. I scheduled 20 reports to run last night, and none of them did. Booooooo. Guess I'll spend today and tomorrow running them in real time.
I have been typing this post for 30 minutes because I keep stopping to file my nails. Pitiful.
Stop complaining about hating your job if you aren't going to do anything to change it. My officemate just got offered another position in a different department making $10,000 more a year, but she won't accept it. She'd rather complain about her work load now. If I liked numbers, I'd accept that position!
I've been on a quest to find a new facebook/blog/twitter profile picture. I HATE taking pictures, and I don't like most of my pictures unless I'm being silly. By August, I'll have a new picture up. That gives me 2 weeks to figure something out!


Nerd Girl said...

You are a soldier! After two hours I would've returned each of those lil precious babies to their parent(s)!

LOL @ you getting your nails right for crab fest. Enjoy!

Jazz said...

4 hour long Bible Study - umm negative. I lose attention after the first hour and a half .
Crab fest- yum. My family has one every year. Actually I could go for some right now.

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