Monday, July 12, 2010


Last week was absolutely crazy for me. Working 12 hours in the office, then going home to work for another 3 is something I'm not used to. My team had a huge contract renewal meeting on Thursday and I had to get all the presentations together for it. My office was a mess! Thankfully people offered to lend a helping hand which made the process go a lot smoother. The meeting went well, I think the client will renew. 
I also found out some information that really upset me. I haven't talked to the person involved, but it seems as though there has been some dishonesty, and it involves my money. I don't like that (who does?). I sent her an email on Friday morning and she still hasn't responded. I've thought in the past that she doesn't like me, but that's never affected how I treat her. I've been praying about this situation and how to handle it. I know that ultimately God is in control, so I cannot worry about it, or treat her in an ugly way just because she did something ugly to me. I'll let y'all know how it works out, I have to finish my own investigation first. 
In talking to a friend last week about buying houses, I almost let her get in my head and cause me to start having doubts. A lovely twitter friend reminded me of "exceedingly, abundantly" and I adjusted my attitude with the quickness. I have to monitor who I share stories with. Everybody doesn't believe as I do, and I need to stay focused on what and Who I believe. It's funny, because Sunday, I got to sit in service for the sermon (I was in the nursery for the rest of service) and he was giving verses for freedom from doubt and fear. I'm going to spend some time writing them out and meditating on them heavily this week. This morning on the radio, they were talking about blessing the Lord at ALL times, and keeping  His praise continually on your lips. It is important that I only speak the words that God says. Speaking anything contrary to that is setting myself up for failure, and I will not fail! 


Chanelle said...

Can you post those verses from the sermon or email them to me?

Kisz4tj said...

I agree wholeheartedly re: who you share your stories with. God is going to bless your faith. You might as well start planning your housewarming.

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