Friday, July 30, 2010


On Mondays and Fridays OurTown shows free movies at the lake. MrC and I have been going because I love free, I love outside, and I love sitting with a bunch of crazy strangers on the lawn. Last week when we got home around 11, there was a shopping cart outside our apartment building. I got the bright idea that I should get in the cart and MrC should push me around the complex while I yelled "wahooooo." So then we did just that. And it was awesome. And much better than the movie Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Lightning Thief.I have my picnic pillows in front of me because I was scared to fall out and mess up my face.
I got a little word from the Lord (don't I sound super holy, lol) while I was praying: "Don't get comfortable, you won't be staying here long. Keep moving forward." Yes and amen!
I made some scalp oil a few weeks ago. It really is working quite well. I've also noticed my nails are now super duper strong and are growing really fast since I've started massaging the oil into my scalp. Every other day I've had to file my nails down because they are getting too long.
Does anybody else watch HawthoRNe? Did you watch it this week? If not, stop reading now. Did you walk around mad and yelling at the tv like I did? Probably not. But I was mad for an hour after watching that show. Hollering about disrespecting your momma's house and being crazy. Then I remembered a college aged Mr and Mrs Count. Totally calmed me down. Don't throw stones at fictional t.v. characters because you'll break your own t.v.



Jameil said...

I'm so mad at you for your cart ride!! LOL. I just prayed to God today to speak to my heart! Very cool!

She Needs said...

Girl ,I love HawthoRNe. That is my show!!!!

I can only imagine what you looked like in that cart with you hubby pushing you.

Product Junkie Diva said...

hahaha lol I had to squint my eyes to make sure I was seeing things correctly. I said Is Mrs. C in a cart? LOL
Yes, I watch Hawthorne and not only the scene with the daughter but the issues in the relationship of Jada's character (christine, right? ) and the guy (tom i think). Wouldn't he think that something must have happened if she told him that she was coming and didn't show, (though that could be an indication that he thinks she values any work related issue more than his issues...). So off he goes in that other woman's car to go to the doctors office. Oh I WISH YOU WOULD anyway there is poor Christine passing out in the hospital.... Then Christine finally goes outside, sees that he is gone and then goes back to work. WHO DOES THAT? The man is having surgery and asked you to be there...she was a loser for that. And when she finally gets to the hospital, she sees him open his eyes at the hospital and the first person he sees is that woman.....and she backs out of the room? WHAT? Ummm no.
One night this week, I was up really late and they played and episode of Hawthorne from last season and it reminded me that Mike Ealy was on that show.. kind of an arrogant doctor. WHY the heck did they get rid of him. I think his character had a lot of room for growth kind of like Jasmine Guy's character in A Different World. He also could have rivaled Tom for Christine's affection.
OK before I write any more let me sign

K. Rock said...

Spontaneous fun is the best fun!!! I also love seeing pics of my fellow bloggers.

pserendipity said...

I have no words for you in the buggy. And for the Count agreeing with you in the buggy.

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