Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Again? Again? (must be read with neck rolling and much attitude)

I know I've blogged about this before because it's been an ongoing problem, but this woman at work is trying to drive me crazy with her inability to do her job. I need some ideas about how to get her to do.her.job.
I have a report due to the client every month by the 25th. It is her job to get me the report by the 25th. Since she has NEVER done this correctly and on time in the 2 years I've been here, I send her a reminder email every month. This month I sent her an email on the 12th: Just a reminder the response file is due today and the subsidy report is due to the client by the 25th. I got no response which is typical, but they normally get the response file out on time. On the 19th I send another reminder: The subsidy report is due to the client by the 25th, which is on a Sunday, so you need to get the report to me by Friday. She doesn't respond, but the person that arranges the data copies me on the email giving her the data. Cool, we're on track. Friday comes and I haven't gotten the report so I email her that morning: I need the report today because it is due by Sunday. Can you please let me know the status. This lovely lady responds with: SoandSo is reviewing the report, I'll have it to you on Monday.
Ladies and gentlemen, look at your July calendar. Monday was the 26th. Please review my emails. Where did I say the 26th was an option? Do you see it, cuz I sure don't. Alright, fine. There isn't anything I can do about it so I wait. Monday comes and I get this: the report was only produced for one month, I sent it back and told them I needed it corrected by COB today. Oh now, you have a sense of urgency? When you're already late? At COB that day I get copied on an email to SoandSo that she needs to review it again. It is now Wednesday the 28th, and I still don't have the report! I'm really not understanding why she can't do her dang job. Last month, the report was provided and it was incorrect. You can't just be wrong by $200,000, that's kind of a big deal.
I'm starting to think that I'm the problem here. Have I not been clear in my expectations? Should I say: Just a reminder the report is due to the client ON or BEFORE the 25th of each month. Any date after the 25th is not an option. This is not a choose your own adventure book, you can't skip parts. If you fail to comply, I will be forced to declare you incompetent and child protective services will remove your children from your home and you will be promptly fired. It doesn't have to come to this. Please, do your job. 
I have my own job to do and I'm pretty sure it's not running after a 40 year old woman begging her to do her work.


SimplyB said...

I would talk to her in person so she knows you mean business!!

I do like the ON or BEFORE email as well.

Jameil said...

2 years? That's beyond your duties. It's time to go over her head. She won't like it but come on. Really? You're supposed to help her do your job while you do yours, too? Unacceptable.

pserendipity said...

On the 19th I send another reminder: The subsidy report is due to the client by the 25th, which is on a Sunday, so you need to get the report to me by Friday.

Did you say YOU NEED to her for real? That in itself would be enough to make me give it to you late. Every time. Those two words put together just do something to my soul.

Nerd Girl said...

I'd be straight up passive aggressive and copy her supervisor and yours on all reminder emails. And if she missed the deadline I'd keep right on sending them and copying the boss(es) until I got what I needed.

Jurista said...

Who did she send the report to before you got into your position?

It seems to me, (and this is just from reading your blog) that she doesn't respect you or your position.

I'm a firm believer of not respecting your own time but having the decency to respect the time of others.

You mentioned at the end of your blog her age and that was the point that stuck out the furthest.

Now that we think/know the problem, here's the solution:

1)if you feel comfortable approaching her, have a verbal conversation. Ask, "is there anything I can do to ensure I receive the report before the 25th?"

Now, her answer to this will determine what you do next. If it is something feasible that you are willing to do (you must be willing), then email her a recap of your conversation, copying your boss and hers (if they are different people) on what you agreed on. So from this point forward, you have an action plan and a measuring point.

If it is an outlandish request or she blows you off, then go to your boss(es) and explain the dilemma and that it is creating problems in you getting your work done.

2)If you don't feel comfortable approaching her, or don't feel it is your place to do so, contact the bosses directly. Include the dates of when she actually submitted the reports and the errors they contained.

Good luck!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey Mrs. C
I'm with Jurista on this- I think a person's reputation is a BIG deal and if someone is attempting to make me late I think that it will in some way impact my reputation. I'm known at work for getting things done on time and properly so if someone is messing with my ability to get that done....yeah we have to settle
I want people to trust what i say when I say you will get so and so by this date etc. I want my yes to mean yes and my no to me no in the sense that people can trust what I'm saying. Perhaps I'm making too much of it but that's the way I feel about such things. This issue must be addressed.
CC the bosses on emails and if you're over her.....girl HANDLE it..LOL- not necessarily firing her becuase she may do other things well but she needs a firm talking to.
Now when you approach her or how ever you decide to handle it make sure that you find out first whether or not someone else is holding her up. Sometimes you need data from a person and they may get it to you late but maybe someone was holding them up each time- if so , then that person must be HANDLED (yeah I like writing that in

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