Saturday, September 4, 2010

3. First Date

I don't plan on going on another first date in this lifetime, but I do have an idea for the perfect first date or any date. Go to a downtown area. Any place where you can walk and have access to a lot of stores/eateries. Go in every eatery and each person orders their favorite thing on the menu and then they split it. I think this is a perfect first date because:

1. I'm greedy
2. You have a lot of time to talk as you walk and eat
3. You learn a lot about the other persons tastes
4. Each time you order something different, your story as to why you ordered it is great for keeping the conversation going because first dates can be awkward.
5. I'm really greedy

Once they've eaten till they can't eat no more, go into the clothes stores and split up. She would pick out an outfit for him, and him an outfit for her. They don't have to try the clothes on, but just seeing what somebody else would pick and seeing personal style is fun.

Maybe by the end of the date they'll have a bag of leftover food that they can take to a picnic the next day!

**let's pretend like I'm not 45 minutes into day 4 as I post this**


Jameil said...

I've already emailed Rashan. WE'RE DOING THIS!! I LOVE IT! SO CUTE!!

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