Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Don't call me again

I can't stand a know it all. I just got off the phone with a dude that I want to find and punch in the eye.
*Phone rings. I look and see the area code and know they're calling me incorrectly. I know this because it happens every day*
Me: This is MrsCount
Dude: Yes, I'm calling from Ko/dak
Me: Ok, are you calling about your insurance?
Dude: No, I'm calling about adding my daughter on my insurance
Me: *rolls eyes- ain't that what I said* Ok sir, you're calling the wrong number, let me give you the correct number 1866-555-4576 (my number is 4575)
Dude: That's the number I called
Me: If that's the number you called, you wouldn't be talking to me
Dude: That's the number I called
Me: Hold on, let me transfer you, because this is not Ko/dak, this is TotallyDifferentCompany
Ugghhhhhhhhh! For real? I think I know where I work. If I tell you that you have the wrong number, trust me, you have the wrong number!


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