Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hobby 2: crocheting

Because refinishing furniture isn't enough of a hobby for me, I've also decided to start crocheting! This yarn was on sale for 2 for $5 so I decided to get the 4 I liked most to make a blanket. I'm going to start this project tonight. I bought a book to help me, but the fabric store by my house has a crocheting class on October 1, so if I haven't made any progress, I'll be going to get some real help.
**We're going to look at at least one house this weekend. Our hunt slowed down because we weren't finding anything else we liked. This one has potential**


NewRibena said...

I started crocheting again after a long absence and of course I chose a complicated pattern. So after I get 70% down with the throw I realized that something is truly amiss. My DH says it's not that noticeable but I know it's there. Now I'm torn whether to undo and fix the errors or keep it moving, finish it and give it to one of my kids (who won't care what it looks like).

kisz4tj said...

You are ALWAYS into something lol. Good luck!

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