Wednesday, September 1, 2010

House Hunting: Too much Too little

House #3 was a bit overpriced. We wanted to see the inside firsthand to see why they felt they could ask the price they did. We liked the neighborhood much better than Loudon. This house had a garage, which is always a bonus! We walked in and were impressed by the hardwood floors. After having this cream carpet for 2 years, I am really looking forward to the opportunity to not have cream carpet! To the left of the front door was the living room. It had a bay window. I love bay windows! It was the perfect reading room. To the right of the front door was the dining room that led to the kitchen. The kitchen was an alright size. I would knock down the wall connecting the kitchen and dining room though. I loved the old double oven that the kitchen had. Through the garage was a laundry room of sorts. It had the washer/dryer and a full bathroom. It's nice to have another bathroom, but who wants to walk through the garage to take a shower? The basement was finished and a pretty nice size. There was a storage room and another small random room. It had a fireplace! Awesomeness :) We went back upstairs to check out the bedrooms. There were 3 bedrooms and they were kind of small. The master was connected to another bedroom via a bathroom. Not a redeeming feature for me. I need marital privacy when we have kids ;) The closets were quite small. I would have to use the small room in the basement as my dressing closet because there was no way we were going to be able to share that closet peacefully. The backyard was a very nice size and I saw a place for me to hang my hammock (that I don't own yet.) We liked house #3. We could see ourselves living there. But it was totally over priced.

Am I the only one impressed by the "vintage" double oven? Probably.
This is the basement. There were quite a few wall sconces. They were ugly, but I would find some super cute ones to use instead.

The backyard was huge! And see that stupid little tree in the middle of the yard? It would be the first thing to go, lol.

House #4 was in a gated community. There are a ton of houses for sale in that neighborhood at freakishly low prices- but that is not a good thing. The neighborhood was built about 3 years ago and all those houses are for sale? Not good. We get to the gate and the guard is MIA, even though the realtor called him and told him we were on our way. The house looks good, doesn't it? So do all the other houses we can see in the picture! Dag, they couldn't give any type of breathing room? We didn't wait around to get inside. We went off to see our final two houses.


K. Rock said...

1. I love the look of house 1. True it could definitely use some modern touches but I love older ranch homes so this is right up my alley. But if the price isn't right, you must move on.

2. Those neighbors were too close for comfort. We have some pretty close neighbors too but I find in newer communities, they basically build the house on top of one another. The house is cute though. And I am not a fan of gated communities.

Jameil said...

Ummm... & house no.3 looks dated. They're trippin on that price!! No matter what it was. I like the idea of 2 ovens for entertaining!! Garage and shared master baths? NOT!

Tons of houses for sale AND no way to get in the gate b/c the guard is MIA? Oh heck no. That means your guests could have that problem as well. Next!

BTW I feel like you shouldn't have told us which house you choose at the beginning of the week so we (who follow you on twitter) could pretend to be surprised. I feel gipped of a good suspense story!!

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