Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend and Hobbies

I'm still quite sleepy from my weekend. I'm going to try to get to bed early tonight. We babysat our 9 year old niece this weekend because it was her mother's birthday. Thankfully, she is a super easy child, so we didn't have any problems. On Saturday morning we went to look at a house, I'll post the pictures tomorrow. Since my niece has been house hunting with her mother, she acted as our realtor. She was pointing out problems and solutions in every room. She even volunteered her services to help me knock down a wall! After our house hunt I went to JoAnn's because I decided I don't want to crochet, I want to knit because two sticks are cooler than one. The problem with knitting is- I don't know how to do it. I spent Friday night on you tube trying to figure it out. I actually made it pretty far (ok, I made it through casting on), until I had to use both sticks. Then I was just creating a mess! I was going to take a $35 two hour class at JoAnn's on Sunday, but there weren't enough people signed up, so they probably weren't going to have it. My ma said her friend would teach me so I decided to wait for her friend. After we left the fabric store we drove 1.5 hours to watch our nephews play in a football game. Then we went to see our other niece and nephew at home and we played with them for about an hour. We finally got back home at about 8:30 on Saturday. Niece helped me cook dinner and then we went to bed. In the middle of the night there was a lovely screaming match outside of the building in front of us. Thankfully, somebody called the police and the police made everybody sit down outside while they figured out what was going on. Midnight entertainment at its finest. I think we have new people in that building and I don't think I like them.
Sunday we went to church and then to my parent's house where my ma and I decided to teach each other how to knit. Just so you know, it's easier to teach somebody how to knit if you know how to do it. We were both on you tube and had her friend on the phone trying to talk us through it. It was a mess! We were going to a friends house to watch the football game so I took my knitting stuff with me and went to the website as recommended by Adrienne and actually started knitting something that looked halfway decent! I got some cheap purple yarn just so I can get the technique down, but you better believe I'm going to use this thing once I finish! I don't know what I'm making yet, but I'll use it for something. I'll post pictures later this week of my knitting adventures :) Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to work on my headboard and/or chairs. Still haven't picked a fabric though. My favorite was the zebra, it's funny that almost everybody hates animal prints. I loved it! But it wasn't enough to do both chairs anyway. Surprisingly MrC  liked #3. I didn't think he would. We'll see!


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