Friday, September 3, 2010

House Hunting: Our House!

This is the living room. I don't know what that random case thing is. It wasn't there when we went.

House #6 is our house! See that porch? That bay window? That fireplace? That yard? I was giddy just pulling into the driveway. We walked into the front door and there was a powder room, an eat in kitchen, living room, formal dining room, and a sitting room. Yay, yay, yay! We went into the basement and it was divided into 3 rooms. One room was a laundry room. The laundry room had 2 sinks. Pretty odd, but there was still plenty of space down there. I could have shelves and hanging areas, and an ironing board and everything! I think they were trying to convert the basement into a separate apartment. There was a full bathroom down there. Wait, does it count as full if there's no sink in the bathroom? 'Twas the strangest thing. The room that I guess they were trying to make into a bedroom would be a perfect playroom 5 years from now. We walked out the basement into the back yard. Very nice size and a huge deck that spanned the length of the house. Not only did this house have a spot for my hammock, it also had a jacuzzi on the deck! Say what? Freaking awesome. Back inside, we went upstairs. I was immediately happy to see that the master was to the left, and the other rooms were to the right. We walked into the master bedroom and I saw the walk in closet and told the realtor this was the house we were buying. I didn't think we would be able to find anything that had enough closet space for us. There was also a master bathroom, no tub, just a shower. Good, less for me to clean! There was a full bathroom in the hallway with a tub. The 3 other bedrooms were really good sizes. I already picked out the nursery!
All I need is an island and eventually to get matching appliances and we'd be set!

I'm pretty sure this is the master bedroom. They didn't have a picture of the closet :(

Now here's the surprise for you Jameil: There's already a contract on the house, so we're still house hunting. So guess what guys!? We get to do this all over again! We're selecting the next set of houses and going out again next week. I like reading what y'all think about the houses, this is like a team project!


K. Rock said...

Aww man. THe house is already under contract. That always happens when you find the right one. Well keep looking. There is another out there for you guys. And we get to do this again!! Yipee!!

Jameil said...

I love that you still call it your house and it's under contract! GET IT GIRL!! Love it!! #ohledoit!

pserendipity said...

I have already painted it and laid wood floors in my head. And in that kitchen with those dark cabinets? Definitely some warm colored 14' tiles. But you ain't ask me all that, did you???

I love it!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Congrats on house hunting! I'm excited for you!

Ms. Lisa said...

Under contract is not a done deal. If that's your house, it's your house. Keep believing while you keep looking.

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