Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Challenge lost

It appears I have fallen off of the blog challenge so early in the game! Maybe I'll try again next month. I had a lovely 4 day weekend :) There were cookouts, birthday lunches, and lots of family time. On Sunday I did a bit of dumpster shopping. When we were pulling into the complex I saw something wooden by the dumpster. I went to check it out, and it was a headboard and footboard! I ran to tell MrC of my great find, and he shook his head in dismay and said he would help me retrieve it under the cloak of darkness. My inlaws were visiting us, but, as promised, when it was nice and dark, MrC went with me on my dumpster shopping adventure. Those things were so heavy, and of course they were at the furthest dumpster. I'll take a picture when I get home to show you guys. I also need to go back to the hotel resale store this week to get the chairs that I want to reupholster. We sent the realtor a list of houses on Sunday night, so hopefully this week(end) we'll be going to look at more houses! If I keep at it, I'm going to have a house full of found/cheap/repurposed furniture crammed in our apartment while we await our move! 
MrC and I got new phones yesterday. We got the Sams.ung Vibr.ant which is very much like an iph.one but on the android market. I much prefer android because I want to help goo.gle take over the world. I love my phone so far and the battery life seems to be much better than on my G1 phone, but it does charge slooooowwwwwwwwwwww as anything. Alright, time for me to get back to this busy day at work!


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of getting a new phone. I've already got the BB Storm...thinking of getting the updated version.

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