Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up Part 2

Saturday Afternoon:
The Count and I went to a wedding. It was very nice, not my style but nice. My mom came to the ceremony with us because she wanted to see what a wedding was like at my fiancé and my church, and to brainstorm on ideas. The sweetest touch, to me, was that the bride wrote her hubby a song and recorded it and played it as she walked down the aisle! I was done, tears everywhere! *sidenote, I have been instructed to learn how to cry pretty, my mom was like whoa! You cry like somebody is hurting you* But they were cute, up there acting all silly which was nice, because they were true to themselves. On to the reception…..they planned a beautiful outdoor reception BUT it rained! Not just regular rained, it stormed! Thankfully it happened before they got there. When my fiancé and I arrived we went right downstairs (it was held at a mansion) and helped them move the stuff indoors. My baby was out there in the rain taking down tables and bringing stuff in, I was drying off dishes, and chairs, setting tables, whatever needed to be done. It was very uncomfortable because as soon as the rain stopped it got HOT! Being wet and sweaty is not cute let me tell you! But we worked hard, because we know we would want somebody to do the same thing for us. By the time the bridal party arrived we had successfully moved everything inside and we all had a great time. The bride is such a laid back person it didn’t even faze her, but I probably would have been crying away because all the hard work I put in for my outdoor decoration went to waste.

Saturday Night:
We went to one of The Count’s old friend’s cookout. I was hesitant about going because I don’t know any of his friends from elementary school, because he went to a small private school. But I’m glad I went, it was fun. They were reminiscing on old times and stuff and I was cracking up at their old yearbooks. Another storm rolled up when we were just about to leave, so we had to wait for it to die down (of course the power went out too, and everybody sat like you had to be silent when the room was dark, it was funny). But while we were waiting I got to meet his friend’s girlfriend. So we all sat around talking about how they met and stuff because I love to hear those types of stories (there’s was funny, they bonded over his car blowing up on his way home for Thanksgiving break). The Count got a huge ego boost when she saw my ring and grabbed my hand and dragged me over to her boyfriend and told him to “take notes”. I know my baby was proud of his work!

Overslept and missed church. Since I fell asleep on the couch (again) when I went to my room in the middle of the night I forgot to take my phone and that’s what wakes me up. So I slept all day. At like 3pm my mom opened my room door and started hollering “you have been in here all day? I thought you were gone somewhere with the count, if you don’t bring your little hermit behind out here and interact with folks!” So she and I watched some movies together and I finally handled my bridesmaid dress situation, so I can cross that off of my to-do list.

I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning and I am still in a good mood even after a few encounters with bosslady this morning (I may have to make that tomorrow’s post because bosslady’s boss, bossman, is here and that might deter my blogworld journey for the day).

Soooo, how was your weekend?

Weekend Wrap Up part 1

I am in a much better mood this week! Yayyyy, I'll post about what happened work-wise a little later today; I'd rather talk about the fun stuff now

Thursday Night:
I took on the name Goldilocks by the end of the night :) My sister and I went out to Friday's with 2 girls we used to work with. I honestly did not want to go, I was dead tired, they literally had to drag me out of bed. I went, but was in a funky mood because my sister made it quite clear that I need to get this mess I've been passing off as my hair, relaxed. I'm growing my hair out for the wedding, so I haven't been getting relaxers as frequently as I used to and lets just say, it's not as easy to hide the new growth! Anyway, I'm sitting at the table at the restaurant looking at these beautiful ladies, and I was feeling like crap. Well what do you think happened? God showed me that "I still had it" LOL. When we get our food this dude slides up (literally, slid, in his chair!) to our table and asks what was up with us. I looked at him and started laughing, not a polite flirty laugh a loud in his face, I can't believe you had to nerve to try that. My sister looked at me like if you don't stop being rude! One of the girls just looked at him and told him that what's up is that we just got our food and are now trying to eat it, please back up and come back later. Do you know this dude actually came back later? They were outside having a mini-photo shoot and I was sitting holding the purses (these roots were not going to be captured on film voluntarily!) and he came up to me talking about:
HIM: "my man in the white shirt, not the one with the hat, the other one, still wants to know what's up with you."
ME: "I'm getting married in 3 months that's what's up, and tell your man, that when he wants to approach a female, he should do the work himself and not send a friend, that's lazy and rude."
HIM: "True, I feel you on that one, well good luck with your marriage"
Not 2 minutes later I hear another group of dudes talking about "oh that one in the pink is just right, I'm feeling her, she is right." So I'm looking around being nosey, I see a brown shirt, a black shirt, and a green shirt, I look down and notice I have on an orange shirt and think oh crap, is this color blind dude really about to try and approach me and tell me I'm just right?
As soon as I get in the car he taps on my window,
HIM #2: "baby girl you are just right, can I call you sometime?"
ME: "No, but you can call my husband, I'm sure he would love to talk to you."
HIM #2: "See, I knew you was just right, somebody already snatched you up"

All in all we had a really good time, they did get me in some photos and post those things of Facebook, but I guess I can live with that, since I am just right and all!

Friday Night:
I did my hair (still no relaxer though) and watched movies with The Count and my momma. Woke up at 7am on Saturday to find The Count and myself asleep on the couch. I still haven't figured out why my mom didn't wake us up before she went to bed.

I'll put Saturday's events in a separate post because it was long as crap. Let me do some work for about an hour and I'll be right back!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Smile, Jesus loves you!

I have been in a funk since yesterday. I'm not going to dwell on it or vent because I have already given this too much of my time. I have spent time irritated and sullen when I could have chosen to smile and laugh. I will smile and laugh today, other people's actions will not affect what kind of day I have! (I will also repeat this over and over today so that I will actually do it, lol)

On a good note, The Count's job search is turning itself back around for the better! He got called by an environmental company telling him about a few positions they were looking at him for. They are going to set up an interview for next week! This is really what he wants to do, so I'm excited for him.

On a solemn note, I've had 2 deaths in my family within a week. My great aunt Margaret died Saturday. She was my grandpa's oldest sister. I don't know how old she was, but considering my grandpa was 82 when he died 10 years ago, I'm assuming she was well into her 90's. Yesterday my cousin Chris died. This one kinda threw me for a loop. She lived in New York with her twin sister and she adopted a baby last year, I think her sister will probably raise the baby now. She was diagnosed with bone cancer a couple of months ago. She was going through treatments when she came down with pneumonia. On Saturday she went to the hospital to get treated and she fell and broke both of her hips, Tuesday we got a call that she passed away. Crazy huh? Her brother just got out of the hospital and said that he is going through heart failure! This is just blowing my mind.

On a good note, my other cousin is coming home from the war on July 4! I am so excited because now he can finally retire. It's a surprise. The only people that know are my mom and me (ohhh and anybody that reads this). We are taking him to the family cookout as a surprise!

I know I have way to much to be grateful for to so I'm going to end this here before I start complaining about something, lol.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

People make me laugh

Last night when my dad picked me up he was all upset
Dad: "TM, somebody broke the window out on my van"
Me: "really?" I'm thinking, you're late, it's raining, and I don't care.
Dad: "Yeah..blahblahblah..."
Me: "Hmmm that's to bad. You should hurry and get it fixed because I have to drive to work a lot in the next 2 weeks."

So I get home and look at the window. Nobody, no matter how dumb of a criminal you are would have done that. My dad just likes to be dramatic. I really think during one of the storms this week something hit the window and shattered it, my mom thinks a rock hit it when he was cutting the grass and he didn't want to fess up! It's smashed in the top middle! In order to unlock the door a person would have cut their arm all up, why wouldn't they smash it in the most convenient place? And why would they smash the side closest to the house? Every single time somebody has broken into a car in my neighborhood (which used to happen a lot, turns out it was my god brother who had just moved into the neighborhood, another story for another day, lol) they did it on the street side so they could get away quickly and because it's a lot easier.
I got to sleep in today because I had a client meeting and didn't have to go to the office! Yayyyy. Since I had this client meeting I decided to try and be extra cute because I refused to put on a suit. I had on this purple shirt that matched my purple toenails so I put on some peep toe pumps. When I walk out to my car to leave for work my mom is outside unloading the truck from a catering job. She looks at me and this is what follows:

Me: "I'm cute, huh?"
Mom: Closely examining me, turns her head to the side and says "No"
Me: Laughing, pause "wait, are you serious?"
Mom: "Yeah I'm serious" frowning now "I think it's the shoes, go change the shoes, put on lower heels"
Me: "oh..ok" quite confused because I just knew I was fly! I walk back in, change my shoes and go back outside.
She looks me over....she never did say I looked cute though......

Anyway, I make my way up to Baltimore for the client meeting. I'm in there with the other coordinator, our boss, and 2 people representing the client. We're trying to set up the conference call, and by we, I mean them because I am in lala land singing in my head.

MyBoss: "I'm so hot. Lord, is there a fan in here? I'm bout to faint"
Me: still looking down singing silently "I'm actually kind of chilly"
MyBoss: "what? shut up TM you're always cold" Which really is true, my heater is always on, but I look up and see she is drenched in sweat! Her hair is sticking to her face and she is fanning herself like crazy! Everybody is just looking at her like what the heck!
Me: "ummm, do you want me to help fan you?"
MyBoss: Blank.Stare. She looked at me like she wanted to choke me, lol. I really did mean well, I was trying to help her through her heat flash.

I'm about to fall asleep at this desk, I should not have eaten all that Wendy's. Off to find more wedding ideas online, cuz ya'll know I don't have any work to do !

Monday, June 23, 2008

I'll call it a lesson learned

I worked with a lady at cvs that had 3 kids. Her oldest was her only son and she praised him day in and day out. He started working at cvs and because his mom and I were so close we became friends. Mind you I was with The Count at this time but I never did anything outrageous. It was clear though that this dude wanted to be more than friends. I’m thinking I’m all big and bad hanging out with this dude (The Count didn’t know and he also didn’t ask where I was so that was my excuse-ugh, I was lame). So anyway for about 2 months I’m friends with this dude, going for walks, talking on the phone and stuff….stuff I would have killed The Count for doing (trust me I have learned my lesson). But anyway this dude is about 28. One night sitting in his truck we have this conversation.

Dre: I don’t know if my mother told you or not, but I guess I should before you hear it from somebody else.
Me: what?
Dre: I’m on probation. I went to jail for 4 years for selling drugs.

He goes on to tell me all the details (He had a 5y/0 daughter, he never finished high school, he's trying to be legit now, how much money he used to bring in). All the while I’m thinking, and you’re the favorite child? I mean everybody makes mistakes and life happens but this woman PRAISED her son and says things like her daughters aint sh*t (one is 10 the other is like 24), and how she wishes all her kids were like him, and how I should only have boys, and how I should leave my boyfriend and marry her son. After awhile, he starts disrespecting my boyfriend. Um sir, not only are you not in a place to talk about anybody, you also don’t know me like that. I stopped talking to him altogether. Shortly after that I get engaged. He tries to make some sly comment about my ring and I look at him like, It’s better than anything you would ever be able to afford (I’m going to have to post a picture one of these days). Shortly after that encounter his mom finds out he hasn’t been making payments on the truck he’s been driving and it’s in her name ( he didn’t have the money was his excuse, didn’t tell anybody, sure as heck didn’t stop clubbing and drinking to perhaps save some money. Just decided he didn’t have to pay!). Mind you she took the truck from her daughter to give it to him because he deserved it more (and this is why parenting 101 teaches not to play favorites like that). But this is what this grown man does…..he runs away! He was still living with his parents, but when his mom realized she was about $5,000 in debt cuz of her beloved son, he stopped going home. He got his dad to drop him off some clothes at his aunt’s house. When his mom found out where he was he got scared and moved to ATL with a girl he met. She hasn’t talked to her son in almost a year. He literally broke her heart; she just says things like “I never thought my son would do this to me.” I really feel for her, but I just thank God he didn’t let my little fast tail get caught up in that nonsense and mess up my relationship with The Count. Well late Saturday night I get this text:

Him: How you doing –Dre Day (who the heck is Dre day? I think it’s one of The Count’s friends so I answer)
Me: Fine, and you?
Him: I’m fine, U married yet –Dre Day (Ohhhh that Dre, oh shoot, well let me just answer)
Me: No, not until October
Him: Tru, U happy-Dre Day (True what? Anyway, ummmm I haven’t talked to you in months and you come at me with this?)
Me: Yes.

Nothing after that. No well wishes, no good luck, no ok, nothing. I was laughing so hard. It made me stop and think; if I told him I wasn’t happy please tell me what he was going to do about it? Ugh, thank goodness of lessons learned.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Office Etiquette

I am a bit new to this corporate environment so I’m always confused about what is and what is not acceptable. People do things around here that make me look at them like they are so rude! Maybe that’s how business relationships are supposed to go. Am I just too friendly?

When I walk through the halls, I speak when somebody walks past me. I think it’s rude to act like you don’t see somebody. Even if I don’t speak, I at least smile-genuinely- to everybody, bosses, janitors, the florist, the mail room guy. Your little pursed together lips does not qualify as a smile, it makes me want to trip you. Most people here do smile and/or speak, so I’m guessing the one’s that don’t are rude and in the wrong, not me.

Is chivalry dead at work? If you see a woman in heels and a dress carrying her legal pads and pens whilst dragging a chair down the hall, do you not attempt to help? I would, no matter who it was, because it’s the nice thing to do. Apparently others do not agree.

Is there a rule that you can’t speak to the man in charge unless you have been directed to do so? Since I work in the corporate office, the owner of the company is always around. I met him before in a group and he seemed nice enough. The other day when I walked up to the elevators he was waiting for one too so I said hello. He looked at me like I was stupid. Then Blondehairblueeyes walks up and he greets her by name. We get on the elevator, he talks to her, she talks to us. She gets off, we smile and say have a good evening. When I was getting off, I looked at him and told him to have a good evening and he responded like this: looking at blackberry as to not have to make eye contact with this chick, glance up quickly and say “umhmm” and look back down. I just thought the whole thing was rude. I felt like how some people treat their cleaning ladies and stuff. I came to the conclusion he was having a bad day and just didn’t know me. We’ll try that situation out again another day.

When you walk in somebody’s office, don’t you speak? I share my office with 2 other women. If you come in to see one of them I think you should at least acknowledge that you see me especially since I sit right in front of the door. And when you notice the person you came to see isn’t at her desk don’t just stand in the middle of the floor and stare at their desk as if they will magically appear if you look hard enough. If you had taken 2 seconds to speak to me I would tell you where they are.

And can they really tell you to cut of all facial hair? Really? (I guess I’m not really over that Pink!)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I think it's time for bed

I do believe I am slightly annoyed. I don't know when it happened. I was going through having a lovely day (I did a great job as the fill in!) and all of a sudden I'm thinking very mean thoughts about people, lol.

Remember the job interview my fiance had? Well it went well and they want him to come back on Monday. Great right? The catch is, he has to shave off all his facial hair. No beard, no goatee, no mustache. Just eyebrows. He was like I was about to tell them no thank you. When he said it I was like ohhhhhhh no that just won't do! When I got off the phone with him, I turned to my office mate and was pissed. She burst out laughing and was like you're really that mad? And I am! To me, as long as you look clean cut and polished, it shouldn't matter...and I looooooooove my baby's facial hair. My boss came in and was like what's wrong. So she came and talked some sense into me. It turned into a 30 minute chat about my life, relationship, and wedding. It was quite fun (she is very far fetched and dramatic...I loved it)! The receptionist came in and was like "are you guy's having a party? All I hear is laughter, speak up, I want to know what you're talking about." It turns out my boss isn't so bad after all, I enjoyed our conversation.

When I got of the Metro, nobody was there to pick me up. I always call them before I get on the train and tell them the exact time to be there. My dad wasn't so I had to sit and wait. Of course I got on my phone, because it normally deters the crazies. But not today.

Mr.NoGame: Hey shawty, hey shawty, can I talk to you for a minute? (I'm walking past him, not even looking in his direction) Hey shawty come here for a minute.

I sat down and continued to ignore him and he kept on talking. I had walked past him and sat down, and he just got louder. #1. If you are going to annoy the heck out of somebody by talking to them even though they clearly aren't interested.......everybody at the station does not have to hear you! I was so embarrassed. People were walking past looking at me like, "ummm, he's talking to you. He wants to take you to dinner and buy you shoes" AND???? I was about to go punch him in the eye and let my ring leave him scarred.

When my dad finally showed up, this dude didn't have on any shoes or a wallet but decided he wanted dinner. I say I'll go in and get it and pay for it. Do you know when he got his food, he complained about the size sub I got? Get it yourself next time....that was my money! Do you know that the people at Jerry's don't understand the concept of steak-cheese-bread. That's all I wanted. I made that quite clear. NOTHING else, steak-cheese-bread. All those daggon onions they put on my sandwich grrrrrrrrrr!

Anyway, do you think I'm overreacting about this shaving the facial hair for the job? I think I'll probably cry when I see his naked face. My boss was like, he'll look younger. I looked at her like chick he is 22 if he looks younger we will look 15! Just picture it, the naked faced boy and the chick with acne going to apply for a marriage license. Oh how the people would talk!

I saw a rainbow yesterday.....really

Pray for The Count...he has 2 job interviews today and 1 tomorrow! He has really been on the job hunt grind since we graduated from college in December. He has one now, but not one that can really support a family so it's definitely time for bigger and better things!

On another totally random note, I love rainbows, and yesterday I saw not one, but two, at the same time! I was in the car squealing like I was 5, lol.

I'll be back with a real post later on. Today is my first day with real responsibility at work. The other guy who does the same thing as me (except he works on site, I work out of the corporate office and he does actual work, while I read blogs) is out today and I am his replacement. Hopefully I don't screw something up and have them looking at me like booboo the fool.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Need to know information

I was trying to write a blog about something and realized you guys have no idea who I am nor do you know anything about me. In order for most of my stories to make sense, you would need to know some things about a huge part of my life: My fiance. Let me give you a little background.

My fiance {who shall henceforth be called "The Count" {another story for another day} and I met in 8th grade when he transferred to my middle school from private school. It turns out he actually lived in the neighborhood across from mine for 12 years prior to us meeting. Anyway, I liked, no loved, no was obsessed (I have the notes passed, diary entries, and yearbook inscriptions to prove it) with him. I thought he was the cutest thing since Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Usher! But he didn't like me, so I moved on and forgot about him in high school. Fast forward to senior year. This dude was in half my classes! I began and ended my day with him. We became friends over 2 things. 1. This lesbian was determend to make me hers and I was not having it, so whenever he saw her getting to friendly he would call me over so I could sit with him and talk. 2. My senior pictures were awesome! Let me just tell you, I was very jeans, tshirt, glasses, ponytail, and acne in high school. When I bought my pictures in, dudes were like "oh my God, I must have one of these" they actually really looked good. Well The Count sat next to me and took people's orders for my senior picture and helped me distribute them. We had a lot of fun joking around about different people and things during the picture passing out time. Trying to make this long story short, I had a boyfriend that I thought (and he knew I thought and he also thought) he was the good Lord's gift to the world. We had been together for my whole Senior year and we were going to the same college (that was pure coincidence!). Of course this trifling {insert insults of choice here} broke up with me right before prom! (He didn't go to my school and I found out what happened, but that's yet another story for another day) So I was left with no date, and I was not extroverted enough to be a lone ranger. Anyway, The Count decided we should go and just take pictures together. My best friend then decided we should just go to prom together, and we went along with that. He came over to meet my parents 2 weeks before prom (May 4), and it was a wrap! When he got home that night, he called me and asked me to be his girlfriend, and we have been together ever since (5 years). He almost blew it on our first date though (May 9). He was walking me to my school bus and we decided to go to the movies that night, but neither one of us had a car. When we got home and talked to our parents it was decided his mom would pick me up on her way home from work. Ok, got to his house, met his family and off we went. We went to the movies, and he let me pick the movie *bonus points in my book, because I picked a movie based on my favorite childhood book, and he went along with it*. But when we got to the ticket counter he only bought one ticket. That's right, this dude didn't even buy my ticket! It's a big joke to us now, but at the time I was like oh no brotha, I'm worth $7! The only thing that saved him and got him another chance was his music choice in the car. He brought a collection of cd's with him since he was driving his mothers car. All of the cd's were gospel cd's. Gospel rap, Gospel groups, all things holy, lol. I was sooooo freaking impressed. A 17-year-old black male, hangs with the "cool kids", smart, attractive, and funny, was confident and strong enough in his walk with the Lord to admit to his girlfriend of one week that this was his music of choice and that he really didn't listen to anything else. It was such a shock to me, because other than myself and my sister, I never knew anybody else like that. It's why I truly believe we are soul mates. Even from a young age, our souls were so in tune with God, and in turn, he knit our souls together {wiping the tears from my eyes, geez I'm at work}. So I stuck around and we went to prom together the next week (May 16) and he proceeded to tell me that I was going to be his wife. He proposed with a rubber band that I actually wore on my finger for like a month! We have made it through so much in the last 5 years {many more stories for many more days} and I'm super happy to be marrying the love of my life on October 11, 2008!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How Rude!

Yesterday my mom called me at work to tell me about a conversation she had with my old baby sitter (who lives 2 houses down from us).

Setting: My mom has to sew 250 chair covers in one week. She is on her way back to the fabric store to purchase another 100 yards. Front driveway

Babysitter: Hey girl

Mom: Hey......(Insert random chatter here it's not really relevant)

Babysitter: Do your husband a favor and give yourself a makeover.

Mom: What? Oh girl, I'm just running to the fabric store. I still fix myself up.

Babysitter: Yeah I know, but when I first met you I used to always thing what a gorgeous glamorous woman you were.

Mom: Well for church on Sundays and stuff I still get glammed. I think I look alright.

Babysitter: (realizing now that what she said may have come off as, I don't know, RUDE) Girl I didn't mean it like that. I'm just saying that since we both stay in the house all day we need to make sure we keep our appearences up.

Mom: Yeah, you're right, maybe I will make that his Father's day gift

--End Scene--

My mom and this lady are not friends. She used to watch my sister and me about 15 years ago, there relationship since then is nothing but a honk and wave as she drives past the house. Now I know my momma, and she is probably very hurt but will try to act like she wasn't offended by this 60plus year old woman telling her she looks a mess.

Now I have to be on damage control and be extra sweet to her because she was already stressed with all this sewing now somebody done attacked her looks. Normally I make fun of the fact that she is balding and she makes fun of the fact that I'm 22 with acne.....guess I'll have to hold off on those jokes for awhile. But note to Babysitter--yeahhhh you and my mom were never friends like that for you to have that conversation with her! Leave that to me :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Really Metro? Really?

Dear Metro,

You need to get your act together. It is in the best interest of your other patrons that I write this letter. I’m just saying, 2 hour commutes in this heat are not really going to work for me. I pay you $9 a day (without parking) and I expect to get what I pay for. Standing around waiting for a train for an hour on Monday and Tuesday evening only to have to fight my way on it and then realize that not only are we crammed in like slaves, there is no air, is not good for me or you. I am a drama queen, if you do that to me tonight I will put on such a show the cameras will show up. I gave you a break on Wednesday when I drove, on Thursday you redeemed yourselves with excellent service, and I thank you. But today???? Why did you try and show your tail this morning Metro? Firefighters running through the station, offloading all the trains to fix the mystery problem, only to then lose power once we got on the train! No sir, this will not do. I contemplated pushing many people onto the track today since they wanted to act like they were the only person that had to get to work. Sir, push past me again and I’ll help you get as close to the train as you like. Ma’am if you don’t get out of my personal space I will throw you under the train. Just a word to the wise, I am not stable, the heat coupled with me being oh so tired, will not be good for your patrons.

In closing, this afternoon, bring you’re A-game, if not I will be bringing mine.

Dear Metro Patrons,

Watch out for me, I will hurt you. Helpful hints: staring down the tunnel doesn’t make the train come. Running up in front of me when I am trying to step on the train is the surest way to get the back of your neck snatched up, so try it again. Please. I want you to. Also, just general words of wisdom, cover your mouth, apply deodorant liberally, the same goes with toothpaste, and please, stop getting yourself stuck in the doors. They do not reopen automatically and I’m sure they hurt like heck (not to mention you look like an idiot when the driver makes a special announcement about the passenger that is keeping the doors from closing and how you are going to be the reason the train gets offloaded and goes out of service)! When there are delays: Cursing out the train driver (who cannot hear you by the way) will not fix the problem. Complaining about how you are going to be late to work to a train full of people who are also going to be late for work does nothing but start a mini-riot, so please, seethe silently. Really guys, we are all hot and tired. Shut up.
Everybody knows the only way to fix a problem is to write an angry letter and post it in your blog. Please be advised and follow suit, see you guys at 5:00!

Pray for me or look for me on the news tonight!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

There must be a better way

Our servers have been down all morning which means what? 3 hours and we couldn't do anything. No phones, emails, faxes....nothing. Not that I'm objecting, I didn't have anything to do anyway! There was one lady walking around telling us to use this opportunity to clean our desks and read some papers she was preparing to give us. Everybody just looked away like they didn't hear her! I guess she got over herself because after 2 hours she was sitting around talking like everybody else. Our phones are still down and my boss decided for the fourth time in 5 days that she didn't have to come to work, so I've decided for the fifth time in 5 days that I don't have to do any work!
Since I didn't have anything better to do, I started going through every single song on my ipod putting together a playlist for my wedding reception. There really is no point to hire a DJ because we don't plan on dancing {Insert the 85million opinions that I've heard so far about what I HAVE to include at MY wedding}. Partying is not really our scene so why would we make our reception something that doesn't reflect us? We want romantic jazzy type music, a real chill atmosphere. I have this beautiful image in my head of the candles gathered on all 27 tables, dim lights, silver and dark purple accents throughout the room, and the highlight of the reception (to me) my cookie bar!
While going through my whole ipod has been fun, I see this getting old real quick! I guess I could google different playlists to get some better ideas and ask some of my friends to burn me a cd of their favorite songs that fit the occasion. Those will probably get me some better song choices than what I have now (currently listening to songs from the Dreamgirls soundtrack).

What are some of your favorite love songs?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Work 101

I had all these cool ideas to write about (well they were cool to me) and now I have nothing! Let me take this time to do what I do best and talk about me, or rather, my new job. I got my English degree in December, but decided I didn't want to teach or even use all those grammatical things that I was oh so frequently tested on. Anyway, since I worked in a pharmacy for the past 6 years I decided I should put my resume out there with health care companies. It worked and now I work as a coordinator for an up an coming pharmacy benefits management company (think Aetna, BC/BS, MAMSI). Well technically I don't really work for that company, I was hired as a contractor meaning I sit in their office but another company pays me. It's cool, no big deal my first job out of college. I've only been here for a little over a month and so far so good.

Ms. MickeyD.....I share an office with her, very very nice lady. HOWEVER....please do not spend all day (whenever she has conference calls she dials in early so she can tell the other people about her health issues, at this very moment she is talking to various people on the call about her pre-op appointments, while looking up her condition on WebMD) talking about your impending surgeries and every single morning you walk in with a Mc.Donald's bag and a large sweet tea. EVERY MORNING! I love my MickeyD's as much as the next gal, but I'm sure that it isn't helping a daggon thing.
p.s. please stop singing, one of these days I am going to start singing too and trust me, you don't want to go there.

Superman.....his real name makes me think of a superhero lol. The only other young black person in our department and he loves gossip blogs just as much as I do (can't be mad at that!). He comes strolling past my desk with smart comments every day which always makes for more exciting times.

Watchyourback.....aka my boss! From my first day here people were telling me horror stories about her (I just nod and make the concerned face, ya'll aint bringing this black woman down with the drama!) Unfortunally what they say about her is true :( But that just makes it easier for me to carry out my master plan of having her job in the not so far future! Maybe becoming addicted to blogs isn't the best way to go about my plan though......{going off to reformulate my plan to take over the world}

Monday, June 9, 2008

Where are you really going?

I understand that it's hot out. It's going to be 98 today. I get it. What I do not get is where you are going at 8am dressed in a shirt no bigger than a sports bra. You're not going to school naked like that. I know for darn sure you aren't going to an office dressed like that. You must work outside, because you can't be going into any type of building with air conditioning because you would surely freeze. So again I ask you, where are you going at 8am in a glorified sports bra and heels?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Black out!

This week has been so crazy! Aside from spending more at the doctor and pharmacy in one week then I probably have in my entire life, and having to take more pills then I ever plan to take again, there is even more craziness. Well yesterday God decided to open the heavens and empty all of the rain right over my building at work. What was the result? POWER OUTAGE!!! I was so excited, I love it when I have an excuse for not doing work. Then the phone lines went out and the bigwigs decided we could all go home. Well being the geniuses we are we decided to take the elevator during the power outage, but that wasn't the problem. The problem was when we walked outside to see the parking garage on fire!!! The firefighters wouldn't let us in of course, and everybody had there lame jokes about who was going to need a ride home since their car was burned up! It turns out the generator caught fire. When people found that out they began to sneak in the garage to get their cars out. I was just waiting for somebody to blow up! During my almost 2 hour commute home I experienced something else new. Was I the only idiot that didn't know it could hail when it was 80 degrees out!? By the time I got home I was so out of it that I just took my cough syrup and went to bed. Woke up this morning still out of it but I'll tell you about that tomorrow because I'm sure somebody will give me some foolishness to add to my experience today!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Blame the Hormones

Sometimes I wish I could be like him. To have the ability to turn off my phone and not care what calls I miss. Able to read a message that somebody sent me and just decide that I don’t have time to answer it but I have time to drive 30 minutes to take another friend to his ex-girlfriends house to pick up his box of crap, time to play video games, time to just sit and do nothing and decide that’s more important than answering a simple question! But I can’t be like that; it’s not how God made me. I’m too scared that I’ll miss something major, I won’t be there when somebody needs me, or that my fiancé won’t know how important he is to me if I don’t put him first. We are going to become one in a few short months and two can’t fully become one if he keeps putting other numbers ahead of her.

What trips me out is that he really doesn’t see how this is affecting me. What do you think leads to divorce? It is a serious of little stupid events, built up over time that causes a person to just say that’s it! I can’t take it any more. You don’t even remember what you’re fighting about because it’s now just a culmination of them all, and instead of looking into his eyes and seeing the person you fell in love with so many years ago, all you see is the person who constantly frustrates you.

I know I need to take some responsibility in all this; after all it is me that gets so mad that I refuse to talk. Well I’m talking now; this is why I feel how I feel:

I HATE it when you turn your phone off, or just don’t answer, or let me know you got home safe! Why? The day your brother passed I called you over and over all day because we had plans. I was pissed you didn’t answer and then I found out why and I blamed myself partly because I could have been praying instead of being pissed. The day they took Pops to the hospital you wouldn’t answer your phone and your sister had to call me and I had to be the one to look you in the eye and tell you your daddy was in the ICU. Every time you go extended periods without answering the phone I turn into the Prayer Warrior Princess because I cannot go through this again, my world would turn upside down if I had to do it without you.

I HATE when you decide to put your friends ahead of me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s your heart for people and your generosity that I LOVE about you most. But when your heart always seems to reach out to meet others needs over mine, I think that is where your heart truly lies. I want it to be us meeting each others needs first and then going out to help other people.

I HATE when I am upset with you and you mock me/mimic me/stick your fingers up my nose/or make me feel like I’m just another overdramatic woman (even though sometimes I am). I want to feel like you’re listening to me/that you care about fixing the issue (no matter how far out of proportion I have blown it)/and that you care about my feelings. Honestly, when I feel like the person I’m talking to doesn’t care it sends me into a rage and I shut down. Open yourself to me and I will open myself to you.

Babe,I know I love me and I love you too, and since we’re going to be stuck with each other for the next 70 years or so, we might as learn each other so we can make it a happy 70 years.
I think I should have written this last night; then I wouldn’t have had to wake up to swollen eyes. Tomorrow, I’ll be back with some not so heavy stuff, lol.

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