Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Farewell Friends

I'm sitting on the couch convinced I have Salmonella. I'll spare you the details. Since I want to go out bringing a smile to people's faces here are a few pictures of some funny things.

You know how you get random mail addressed to you or the current resident? This one confused the heck out of us.

So you mean the last resident here was named Big Monster? Or was this a joke from Papa John's?

Do you see the prices on this receipt? Do you see them? Clearance man!!!!!! I got a brown sweater, a blue shirt and a magenta shirt. They are cuteeeeeeeee and different for me. I'm wearing the blue one tomorrow. Good prices always make me smile. Don't ask me why I was at the mall in the middle of a work day getting these clearance prices, but I was, and I got them (I also got my eyebrows threaded too).

This is a picture of my new pajamas. Since TheCount has decided that we don't need heat in the winter I found the ugliest most non figure flattering pj's in target. Aint they ugly? Hahahaha!

This is a close up of the pattern. When I bought these the cashier looked gave me a serious side eye!

Can y'all tell I finally found my camera, lol? I've been a picture taking and uploading fool!


pink said...

first of all: WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR EYEBROWS THREADED?!?!? ive been lookin for a place and i havent found it yet...did it hurt tho? i heard it hurts.

second of all: those pajamas...smh.

Anonymous said...

Wow...justWOW at those pj's, is he going to say ya'll don't need indoor plumbing too?? You look totally fitted for the outhouse! LOL

Anonymous said...

I cannot even wrap my mind around the concept of not having heat in the winter! My parents are on that trip too - and have nerve to wonder why no one visits them between November and March!

Mrs Count said...

@kisz4tj...hahahaha! I told TheCount what you said and he started cracking up.

@Nerd Girl...I didn't think I would have to freeze once I moved out of my parents house. Ohhh the joys of a cheap husband!

Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL at those pj's and you get a huge "you go girl" for those clearance prices.

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