Thursday, July 30, 2009

Clothes, Themes, and Itching

Question: What is this anti-itch spray you speak of? The one I have doesn't work, what brand do you guys recommend? I have individual braids (umm the regular kind) if that helps.
I just found out that my boss is on vacation until next Tuesday. She neglected to tell anybody, lol. I'm not complaining though because I have a boatload of errands to run. My dad, my sister, and my birthday is next week, we'll be 53, 21, and 24 (my dad and I are August 4, my sister is August 5). My cruise is also coming up in less than 3 weeks and I need to go get essentials for that. I have a wedding to go to next Saturday and I'm in the process of getting a dress for that. I'm not good at that kind of stuff so I went to Nordstrom Rack, which is across the street from my job and took pictures of what I liked, showed the people at work and made them vote. I went back and got the winner and took it home for TheCount to see. I like it, but it's too big in the tummy area. I'm going to keep looking, but if I don't find anything else, I'll be wearing that one. The people at work are so funny, I asked 3 specific people their opinion: The Fashionable Arrogant One (she turned down her boyfriend's proposal because she felt the ring was too small-they broke up shortly thereafter), The Sensible One (aka my work out buddy that provides a lovely voice of reason), and The Black Dude (cuz my husband is a black dude, and his friends are black dudes). I covered all my bases, huh? I got some shoes and was showing them to ask their opinion on them, these are the responses I got:
Fashionista: "Oh those are perfect, they can compliment so many outfits without going overboard"
Sensible One: "Oh my gosh! You got those for $40? You're good!" (uhhhhh I was mad I had to pay $40, lol. I'm cheap)
Black Dude: "Aw shucks, are those your come and get me pumps?"
He hit the nail on the head, lol. I want TheCount to have me on his arm and be like "yep, yep, you see my wife? She's hot!" When we went to prom it was the best feeling to hear people tell him how good I looked. He was beaming with pride all night saying, "yeah, I know she looks good, and yeah, she's with me, and no, I'm not letting her go." It's so rare that I glam myself up completely, but I'm really going to try next week.
Every year of life has to have a theme, you know, in case somebody wants to make a movie or a book about me. I think I'll dub the next year 24: The Year of Glamour. This year it was 23: The Year of Marriage, the previous year was 22: The Year of Graduation, the previous year was 21: The Year of Growing Up. I already deemed 25: The Year of Being Natural because I'm going to do the big chop on August 4, 2010 (that's the plan anyway, I really don't know if I can make it, it may be sooner).


Anonymous said...

Why you didn't show US the pictures??

kisz4tj said...

Lovin' ur themed years. I wanna see the come and get me shoes!

Jazz said...

you can put regular grease on the places that your head itches . I love the idea of themed years, I guess mine would be 21: the year of finding myself

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