Friday, July 10, 2009

Let's be productive!

About the scenario I posted yesterday: I didn't think there was any doubt about the right decision either. When my officemate chose to stay after all that bull crap her boss was spouting, I thought I was the crazy one. That's why I asked y'all. You guys have lived a bit more than I have so I figured one of you may be able to provide me with some insight. The conversation between my officemate and her boss made it sound like she was begging for her job instead of him begging her to stay- and he knew it and fully took advantage over the fact that she was thinking with her heart and not wanting to disappoint him. Next time, I'm speaking up.
TheCount and I have finally decided on a vehicle, but as of right now, it's a bit out of our price range. We don't want to settle and get something "just because" and it not be something we like or doesn't fit our needs. We have to get something big because we realized we are going to have to go get his nieces and nephews a lot more than we have been. Their daddy (BrotherCount) died afour years ago and they have really been vocalizing how much they miss him. Tears and outbursts have been occurring a lot more lately. The girl is 11, there are two 10 year old boys and a 4 year old boy. Not only is that a lot on their mom (only two of them are biologically hers), it's a ton on them because they are at an age where a dad is really needed. One of the boys has been getting beat up by his "friends." TheCount was livid upon hearing about that and pulled him aside to talk to him, but that doesn't help much since we aren't there. We want to start picking them up on Fridays and bringing them back on Sunday so they can have some time away and be comfortable enough to bring up any issues they have going on. It's also another slight issue that we live in a one bedroom apartment, lol. Well God knows our needs and He will provide for them in His timing (shoot maybe I should take that job that officemate turned down!)
Y'all it's a dang shame. I was on time for work today and everybody looked at me like I was a ghost (well the 3 people that were here). It made me feel awful! They asked why I was here! Well that was a kick in the pants to show I need to make a better effort, so next week I plan on being on time too. Now let me get to all this work I didn't finish yesterday. Gotta end the week right!


Anonymous said...

LOL! When I came to work today through the front door, the cleaning lady said "You must really be on time if you didn't sneak in the back door!"

Good looking out for your neices and nephews, Auntie TM!

What kind of car is it???

Nerd Girl said...

Did you just call me old?!?!

Good for you and the Count - and the kids - that you are stepping up to the plate.

kisz4tj said...

Wow...its great to hear how you two will be filling in the gap with your nieces and nephews.

Yeah...what kinda car?

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