Thursday, July 9, 2009

What Would YOU Do?

You're at a company. You've been there for 11 years working in various departments. You've finally settled into one that you like. Another company pursues you for a job. You go through the interview process just to see what they say. They like you and offer you this:
  • $7,000 more than what you're making now
  • It is a work from home position
  • You will be an account manager there (you currently work 2 people under the account manager)
You are torn, don't know what to do so you talk to your current boss about it and see what your current company can do for you. Current company offers you this:
  • You can work from home 3 days a week (and if they don't like it, they will make you come back to the office permanently. "They" all work in Florida, you are the only person in your department in your state)
Because you don't have a degree, your current company will likely never promote you to account manager so any changes you make will likely be lateral moves. Your sick momma lives with you. You have a 7 year old daughter that you cannot afford before and after school care for, that's why you want to work from home, to get her on the bus safely and off the bus safely. Your family has one car and your husband is currently out of work. You're in your 30's and your current salary is less than 50K with the company you've been at for 11 years.
Which offer would you take? Remember, you like your current job and the people you work with, you're comfortable there, the new job is doing the exact same thing and you know people from that company as well, but have never worked with them.
What would you do? Why?


Anonymous said...

Halfway through this post, I was like "Is there even a question??" Change is inevitable. The new job is a better option for family and finances, and I wouldn't turn it down just because I'm "comfortable." Plus, it sounds like someone is making old job a priority and old job is looking at them like an option. My advice: GO!!

Product Junkie Diva said...

I would have to take the new job. Sometimes it's a little scary jumping into a new situation but sometimes you just have to JUMP. You may like the new people you work with too but that will come in time.
Of course don't burn your bridges on your way out, but I would still leave.

laughing808 said...

As the other two have already said, I'd accept the NEW job offer. My reasoning would be money to better my current situation and the opportunity for something new.
That increase in salary could help keep the family afloat since husband is out of work. And being at home, decreases expenses like gas. The new employer might be willing to pick up the home phone and internet bills since those would needed.

Jass said...

i would pray about it, and see what God said - but my flesh is saying take the new job

Nerd Girl said...

More money and I get to work from the comfort of home? Sign me up! Take the new gig and thank God for the opportunity.

kisz4tj said...

I don't get it...why is this question being posed? I don't understand the

Ok...Door #1 quick fast and in a hurry...please!

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