Monday, July 20, 2009

Let's look back at last week:

Last Sunday: Worked in the nursery at church. It was complete chaos. So many babies, small space, must talk to somebody about rearranging the nursery. Left church and went to visit TheCount's friend. Friend's momma was there and talked my ear off about some "selling opportunities." Ummm, no thank you. Left from there and went to a birthday party for a one year old. Sitting in a room full of all these folks my age looking all cute started to affect me. My hair (I'm transitioning) was looking rough, those darn babies dirtied my clothes, and I'm the only person in the room with acne- which has always been a thorn in my side. After an hour or so, I was on the verge of tears and begging TheCount to go home. I just needed to remove myself from the situation and get out of my head. I even knew some of the folks in that room, but I couldn't bring myself to speak, I felt like crap. Oh well, I'll be ready for her second birthday.
Last Monday: Hmmm, what's that stuff in the shower? Called emergency maintenance to get them to come check out our plumbing, problem supposedly fixed. At work, was given a project to do. I worked on it all day- it was hard, but I felt accomplished.
Last Tuesday: Hmmmm, that stuff from the shower is now coming up through the shower and the toilet and leaking into our kitchen. Bodily fluids and general nastiness, must take off from work to handle this situation. Situation handled. Ewww, Count, you have ringworm! How gross, let me go get you some cream for that. As a treat for dealing with such a trying week, TheCount and I took our annual trip to Coldstone. It was yummy- to bad I won't have any until next year.
Last Wednesday: My computer at work decided I shouldn't be able to do any work and started flashing "catastrophic error" in my face. Couldn't finish any of my work. At church, my most favorite baby in the nursery wasn't feeling well and it was hurting my heart to see him uncomfortable. I held him and talked to him the whole time. One of the ministers came in and prayed over him. Oh, and I got cherry juice all down the front of my white shirt on the way to church, TheCount taunted me the entire car ride.
Last Thursday: "Not me, not today." I need to stop watching Run's House, but that was the theme of my day. I just couldn't take it. I successfully avoided doing any and all work, cuz I just needed a break. I went home and went to bed early.
Last Friday: My project from Monday? Well nobody checked with my boss about it, because the entire format was changed. I looked and saw all my work gone and replaced with uber fancy stuff. I was a little sad because I was proud of my work. Went home and did scalp treatments, protein treatments, and deep conditioning treatments so I could get my hair done the next day. Rental office didn't call me back about when the carpet people are coming back out to finish our carpet. Spazzed out and started screaming at 1am because I dropped my 32oz water bottle and spilled water all over the kitchen floor. TheCount came and helped me since he saw I was about to crack.
Last Saturday: Woke up at 5:30am. TM don't do that. But I did anyway, because my hair was out of control. My husband made it clear he wasn't down with cutting it off, so I went and got it braided. 6:55am I sit down in the chair. 1:30pm I get out of the chair. The horrors I had to see in that shop was more torture than getting the braids. The lady that did my hair kept talking about how I was too tall for the chair and my hair was so long. Ma'am, I don't know what kind of bald headed midgets you're used to, but I'm 5' 6" and my hair is only to my armpits. Seriously, ain't nothing spectacular about that. Now if she had complained about my huge head, that would have been valid. After leaving hair gallery, I went to my momma's house. We went to go visit my friend and her 7 day old baby-newborns scare me- they are so little, I feel like I'll break them. Left there and went to a cookout (same house from Sunday). So many people there. DJ playing music that was not appropriate for children. I seemed to be the only one offended. I saw somebody's precious little baby pop lock and drop it and I shed a tear. I don't believe in exposing kids to too much, sigh, I'm old fashioned and apparently the only one.
Well, that week is over. I survived it. Tired, but content that I made it through and had a positive attitude. I'm preparing myself for this week which will be an awesomely great week. Can't you feel the greatness!?


SimplyB said...

Wow TM! I am glad for you that the week is over.

Transitioning can be difficult and those chics at the shop didn't help. After one session with them complaining about my hair I did the BC. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Aww everyone deserves a off day or week. Glad to read this week is going much better. So how did you get you hair braided?

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