Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Open the floodgates...

TheCount and I are both at home today. Before you all get insanely jealous of our romantic day off, let me inform you of the situation. We have a flood. Not just any flood, a toilet and tub back up- of other people's nastiness. We have the plumbing people here now in and out of our apartment now. Our bathroom and kitchen have both flooded and our carpets are soaked. It is soooo gross, lol. They said yesterday they cleaned out the pipes and found diapers, washcloths, toys, wipes, and other foolishness. Clearly all of it did not get out and it is now in our apartment. TheCount and the men are doing the dirty work, I'm sitting here cringing while watching men in workboots walk on my pristine carpet while leaving my doors open. My carpet! The germs! My word! I will be requesting a carpet service to come and clean the entire apartment.
I currently have to pee, but clearly that is not an option. My mean ole husband won't even take me out to breakfast :(



Nerd Girl said...

Ewww. Sorry for your troubles! Hope they get everything cleared - and cleaned - up with a quickness.

kisz4tj said...

Ewwww...I'm just sittin here shrieking. I'm hoping all is well now.

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