Monday, July 27, 2009

Words today, Pictures tomorrow

I had a great weekend! If you follow me on twitter, then you already know about the grand time I had with my nieces and nephews.
On Friday, TheCount went and picked up 3 of his 5 nieces and nephews- two 10 year old boys and an 11 year old girl. Two of them were his brothers kids, but he passed away 4 years ago so they are being raised by their stepmom (brothers widow) the other one is the biological child to the stepmom. Anyway, that information probably wasn't necessary to the story, so if you didn't follow it, forget it and move on to the next paragraph.
I packed a picnic dinner for us to enjoy on Friday night. We each had a sandwich, grapes, oatmeal cream pie, bag of chips, and a capri sun. To avoid any fighting or arguing I packed each person their own bag and labeled it. We went down to the lake 2 miles from our house where they show movies outside a few times a week. We spread out our blankets and watched Get Smart while eating our dinner. It was a lot of fun (Reason #43786 why I don't ever want to move from our town). We went back home, took our showers and watched a bit of tv before bed. Saturday morning TheCount and I got up and fixed pancakes, bacon, and eggs for the kids and packed little snack bags for the days excursions. First we went to see G-Force in 3-D. The movie could have been a lot funnier, in my opinion, but since it was 3-D it made it quite fun. After the movie we went walking through the mall to do a bit of shopping. Since it's 4 of them being raised by their mom, money isn't always there for super fancy clothes and such, so we wanted to buy the kids at least a pair of shoes. Can I tell you how many pairs of shoes that TJ Maxx had that I wanted. TheCount took the boys to look at clothes and I took Janise to help me pick out a dress (I get sidetracked easily). After she shut down all my choices (that girl has a great sense of fashion) we made our way over to the shoes where I tried on pair after pair, lol. The boys came over and said, "of course you'd be over here." We ended up getting them some shirts and Janise some shoes. I realized that I wear the same size shoe as the boys and TheCount decided to give Demetrius  my nike's  because I never wear them. I may have worn them 5 times- if that. We tried to find a pair of shoes for Marcel, but the only thing he kept saying throughout the entire mall was, I want some Jordan's, I want some Jordans- wit his broke self.
We went in Bass Pro Shop and looked at the fish tanks, played in boats and four wheelers, did the rock climbing wall and played the shooting game- and had a blast. After we left there we went back home for lunch and I took a nap, I'm not sure what everybody else did but I really didn't care. After my nap we went hiking. It's hilarious to see a big and bad 10 year old all of a sudden realize he isn't so tough and does not want to lead the group through the woods. We got to see deer and hear strange noises by the lake that made us all jump. We went to the park after that and played on the 4-person see saw thing, had a swinging contest (perhaps I'll post that video tomorrow) and they captured poor defenseless lightning bugs. As soon as we got in the car it started to rain, perfect timing. When we got home 5 minutes later (Reason #43787 why I don't ever want to move from our town), it started to rain really hard and the kids made me stand outside to wash my hair since I had been complaining it was itching all day (TheCount captured my hair itch saga on video too). We showered and ordered pizza, while TheCount took Marcel to a different mall to try and find him a pair of shoes. Y'all when that little boy came back in with some Jordans you couldn't tell him nothing! He was pimping all around talking about, "all the girls gonna like me now, I got some Jordan's," boy puhlease sit down somewhere.
Sunday we got up bright and early and went to church and gave them back to their mom. Fun times! I will say this though, when I have kids, I'm hiring a housekeeper. Monday and Thursday, clean the bathrooms, kitchen, and vacuum the house. Seriously, our house looks like a war zone.


kisz4tj said...

I'm worn out just reading this! ROFL @ I get sidetracked easily!

Serenity3-0 said...

That was great that you guys spend time with them. I'm sure they miss their dad. And maybe 10 yrs old are easily impressed by shoes! LOL

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