Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Toxic Relationships- CC

TheCount always wants me to be friends with people that are not my kind of people. Whenever he knows of somebody going through some type of foolishness, he wants me to jump in, become their friend, and be the voice of reason. Small problem...TM don't do that. I cannot, no matter how hard I try, walk into a situation that I know will be toxic and draining on me. I'm not saying that if one of my friends starts going through something that I'll bail because it's an inconvenience, I'm saying, I'm not going to force a friendship with you to help you. It's not what I do.
Here is a prime example. There was a Crazy Chick (CC for short) that was "hanging" with one of TheCount's good friends. I never knew the extent of their relationship, but she friended me on Facebook. I had never met CC in person, but she would always facebook message me and stuff talking about Dude. It was awkward, but I was like, ok, I can deal with this. TheCount and Dude went away for the men's conference at our church one weekend and all weekend she kept messaging me talking about how much she missed him and she didn't know what she was going to do while he was gone. Y'all they were gone for the friggin weekend. Anyway, in her mind, we were friends, in my mind, she was a crazy chick on Facebook. One day, when she went to pick Dude up for work, she kind of snapped. She pulled a knife on him as he got out the shower and sliced his hand as he was fighting back. He ran out the house in a towel and got the neighbor to call the police- ya know, cuz she's crazy. She left, but had to turn herself in to the police later one- ya know, cuz they were looking for her- cuz she's crazy. Why did TheCount want me to call her and give her advice and befriend her. Did you not notice she is crazy? The advice in that situation is pretty simple: get some help from somebody that is paid to help crazy folks.
Anyway, I was talking to my friend on Sunday that CC also stalked on Facebook (hmmm what a coincidence that she friended all of Dude's friends' girlfriends.) My friend was actually stupid enough to listen when her boyfriend told her to help CC out and be her friend. My friend was like- she is so crazy, it totally blew up in my face. Can we all say duhhhhhhh! She pulled my friend into all sorts of drama and still asks does she think Dude will ever forgive her and if they can be together. This chick still messages me periodically wanting to come over and see the wedding pictures and stuff. Ummm, I posted an album on Facebook, that's all you need to see. Did I mention before I don't even know this girl?
Would you have friended her? Was I wrong for not allowing her to experience the joy that is TM?


laughing808 said...

LOL, really......ROFL, "experience the joy that is TM" you are a trip. Naw I probably wouldn't have friended her.

Nerd Girl said...

No. Life is too short. Friend those people who bring you joy. Or at least the ones who don't bring you down!

kisz4tj said...

In the words of Whitney...need I say more? CC puhleeeeese!

Everyone canNOT be helped.

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