Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend in Pictures

Those 2 pictures are the GMC Acadia and the Saturn Outlook. Oh how I love them! TheCount and I are going to get one of those one of these days. Personally, I think the company should just give us one. I could blog about it and give them some business (cuz I'm so popular in the world, lol) or I could have a tv mini-series like Elise Neal did for Chevy- I'm cute, I can do it!

On Saturday I made a Roasted Garlic and Kale pizza. TheCount gave it a thumbs down, but he didn't eat it fresh, and it is a sauce less pizza and he is a sauce man . I'm going to try another pizza this week with a lot less kale, some chicken sausage, and bacon.

Friday we went driving around looking at houses. I would love driving past this pond with the swans every day. The houses in this neighborhood were all over half a million dollars. We aren't there yet- but it doesn't hurt to look.

We also went hiking on Friday. This man tried to kill me. Those flowers were up to my dang waist- I was so scared I was gonna get eaten. There were also some really scary overgrown places that I wanted to show y'all, but I was too busy running. I know the picture looks cheery, but it was almost sundown and it was dark in those woods. We were around a lot of deer- I'm pretty sure I even heard one sneeze. Unfortunately I mistook that sneeze for a call of death because after the sneeze the deer came running at us and I panicked, but it cut around as and across the path.


kisz4tj said...

Nice pics...the pizza looks good.

Product Junkie Diva said...

LOl i like the pics and the sneezing deer.

Product Junkie Diva said...

I've been stuck on wanting the nissan Armada but I like the look of this outlook...gotta check it out.

yummy411 said...

i love the saturn outlook!

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