Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fwd: Hobby 1: Fabric ideas

Yesterday I went to the fabric store to start working on ideas for my new hobbies. I was looking at fabrics to cover the chairs with. I haven't decided yet if I want the chairs to just blend in with a room, or if I'm going to be using them as the accent pop piece. I don't even know what room I want them to be for either. These are the fabrics that caught my eye yesterday. What do you think? Which one is your most favorite? Which one is your least favorite? I'm going to look at some online fabric retailers today to get some more fabric ideas.


K. Rock said...

I love the third one. I really like the colors. I thnk the zebra is my least fave. I'm not into animal prints...but that's just me.

Nerd Girl said...

I like #3.

If you happen to run across any oilcloth, please let me know where you found it. I want to recover my kitchen chairs and think that's what I want to use.

She Needs said...

I love the 3rd and 4th print.
I think you should use them as accent pieces.
I am in search right now for a chair for my room.

@Nerdgirl: have you tried the Hancock's in Brandon?

Jameil said...

2 & 4. I don't like the first at all. I don't like the 3rd either.

cyn said...

I love the zebra. I am planning to use that as my "pop" print in my living room.

BTW, I am enjoying touring houses with you. Good luck on finding your home sweet home.

kisz4tj said...

For pop I like the 3rd and 4th

Anonymous said...

I like the first and the third, but not the zebra (I don't like animal prints). The solid's just too plain. Guess opinions are all over the place!

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