Thursday, February 26, 2009

More than you ever needed to know about TM

It's official, my office mate has fake teeth that she only wears when she feels like it. The difference between yesterday and today is astonishing. Now I'm not going to be satisfied until I see inside her mouth without the teeth in, it's a never ending cycle with me.  Also, we have a bo/ard of dir/ect/ors meeting today at work so we were instructed to wear our extra good work clothes. I hooked it up with a cute BCBG skirt that I had been dying to wear anyway (that outlet is the truth!) and some new shoes that I got for $10 at TJMaxx. Ummmm this chick has on tan stretch pants a brown sweater and her "jazzy" part is a wrap... a black and white flannel scarf. I do pray that she does not walk past the conference room in that. I'm going to try and get a picture of both of our lovely outfits. On to today's regularly scheduled post...
Now it's time to do my 25 randoms since I refuse to do them on facebook, but I have to be able to tell my sister that I did them. Wanna read 'em? Here dey go!
1. If I had to choose one food to eat for the rest of my life it would be Potatoes. Mashed potatoes, french fries, hash browns, potato chips, baked...oh how I love them.

2. I love to talk about myself. I actually considered going to a psychiatrist so I could have somebody to tell my stories to, lol. Ain't that crazy?

3. TheCount calls into question all stories about my childhood. He realized that I'm always mucchhhh older than he envisioned I would be during the story. When I told him about me falling out in the Lens Crafters he was appalled to learn I was 19 (and dating him). When I told him about being held down by my family to take some cough syrup he laughed until I said I was 13, then he looked at me like I was stupid. It goes on and on.

4. I get these things called tonsil stones, my sister does too. They are so gross and they hurt. Look them up on you tube if you want to be disgusted.

5. My mom thinks I have weird food issues. I love watermelon but hate watermelon flavored anything. I hate bananas but love banana candy. I don't believe in fruit flavored dairy (ice cream, yogurt, milk) or hot fruit (apple pie, tarts, cobbler). I hate tomatoes but love tomato soup. I put things like mayo and ketchup on my sandwich only to scrape it right off. That list goes on and on too.

6. I love to hear TheCount smile. Its like a sixth sense I whip my head around whenever I hear a smile creeping upon his lips.

7. I'm blind without my glasses. BLIND!

8. This is a lot harder than I thought, I guess my session with the psych would have been very short. But she would have probably found some other reasons to keep me in there, lol.

9. I don't eat cake. It turns my stomach even thinking about having to eat it, something about the texture.

10. My current food obsessions are sugar roasted pecans (made by me only), bacon, and frosted mini-wheats.

11. My Wife and Kids slays me every single time. If only that and the Cosby show came on tv, I would be cool with it.

12. I love to laugh and do so often, and loudly! My momma used to tell me no dude would marry me cuz I laughed to loud. When I type LOL on peoples blogs, I probably really am laughing out loud. People have come by my office and thought I was crying because I was trying to stifle a laugh and had a tissue over my mouth while shaking violently trying to suppress the laugh. Laughing is great. Pair that with #23, and I think I can fix the world.

13. If I want it, I will get it. I be tryin' to tell people that Jesus loves me the most. I am the most specialist and he is always on my side, lol. TheCount got me a bracelet one year that read, God's Favorite because I say it all the time. It blows my mind when I tell Jesus something and He makes it happen. So, while yes, Jesus does love you, he loves me extra special!
14. When people (as in ignant folks who didn't even know me) used to say I was getting married too young I used to ask what I was waiting for? What life were they waiting for me to experience? Drunken debauchery, babies, std's, and/or heartbreak? Cuz that's what my friends are doing and that ain't cute or necessary to me.
15. I want to be a stay at home mom. Scratch that, I will be a stay at home mom
16. I don't photograph well and I don't do close ups!

17. If you combined my sister and I into one person we would be perfect. She has the face, I have the body. This chick has perfect skin and long thick hair I have a small waist and ample behind, lol. I am sweet but quiet, she is evil, yet friendly.

18. When I find a new blog, I treat it like a book. I go through and read all the posts. That way I get a feel for the blogger and I don't judge them from one post. It also keeps me busy at work. If I've ever commented on your blog, I've read all your posts. Hmmm, that sounded a little stalkerish (I promise I'm not looking for you or your family, lol)

19. I love garlic. Everything is better with a lot of garlic in it. TheCount frequently tells me my hands stink because of my garlic infatuation. Apparently, it's not sexy in the bedroom.

20. I've been to Africa to do missionary work. It was a lot of fun, I want to go back. We went to the schools and also on safari. If we could have afforded it, we would have done it for our honeymoon.

21. I sucked my finger until I was 13. I still sleep with a special blanket. TheCount threatened to burn it, I threatened to burn him. My mom tried so hard to make me give it up before I got married, she failed. I'm always cold so it's helpful to have a warm source of comfort.

22. I sing all the time. All the time! About everything especially food. TheCount claims he doesn't like it, but he's started singing randomly too. One night he came running out of the bathroom singing "all night breakfast" it made me smile, welcome to the dark side my love.

23. Warm brownies and ice cream can heal the world. That is a fact. We can heal our world if more people sat down and shared fresh warm brownies and ice cream. You can quote me on that.

24. I really enjoy magazines. There are so many I want to subscribe to but TheCount already looks at my growing mound with concern. That is a really cool gift idea, in my opinion. Magazine subscriptions rock my socks.

25. I really like TheCount. He just read #23 and shook his head in shame. That's why he doesn't read my blog, I'm always talking crazy. That's also why I won't put this on facebook, those folks don't need to know about my particular brand of crazy.


laughing808 said...

all I can do is laugh and shake my head after reading this......

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I'm confessing this - #4? Me too!!! But mine don't hurt.

#13? You're probably His 2nd favorite . . . .

Great list!

Product Junkie Diva said...

I refused 2 facebook my list of 25
and you are just too much, your list is

Kwana said...

Ok that first like cracked me up. Thanks! I didn't do my 25 either. Don't think I am.

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with #23 , in fact im so bad I have some kind of chocolate every day while im at work. I think my attitude is better, and im more productive after i've had my daily chocolate :)

Anonymous said...

You are nuts! LOL...T and I get those tonsil stones as well...gargle often it kills them before they form...ewww

Mrs Count said...

@laughing808, that's exactly what TheCount did

@Nerd Girl, girl puhlease, maybe you are 1 1/2

@PJD, doesn't this just seem like way to much info for FB? Goodness

@Kwana, thanks for stopping by!

@Anon, Amen to the chocolate!

@Kisz, I can't gargle! My MIL almost made me drown myself trying to teach me.

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