Monday, March 2, 2009

No work for TM or TheCount!

This weekend I spent a lot of time with TheCounts friends. It's a good thing I like those dudes! On Friday I spent my ride home driving through neighborhoods looking at dream homes. It was so fun! I found the perfect neighborhood for me, a horse community! I was driving through and I was like wait a minute...they have a horse in their backyard. I was just cheesing as I drove through as I told myself, "I found my new home!" When we get a couple million dollars in the bank, I am getting one of those houses, surprisingly, not one home was for sale in that neighborhood.

On Saturday we woke up and went to the Amish Market. Since we went so late, it was packed and all we got were some pretzels and then we rolled out. I asked TheCount if he thought they would sell my roasted pecans. Shoot, my sugar roasted pecans can launch us into millionaire status! We went over to visit his friend that's getting married in May at work. They were up in veri/zon talking trash and goofing around, which led to a video game challenge that night at our house. Since TheCount realized all of his friends would probably be coming over, he took me to a mall I had never been to to appease me. Y'all I got 4opi nail polishes and a headband for $11! I can find a bargain anywhere, lol. All of his friends came over that night and we had a smorgasboard of Chipotle, Cosi, McDonald's, Pasta Blitz, and Subaway, lol. I went into the bedroom while they played their games. When I woke up I found these greedy dudes went and got a gallon of ice cream and a tub of cookies. Know what they left at our house? A gallon of ice cream and a tub of ice cream, why do they want me to be fat????

Oh yeah, we went back to the mall with his friends so it was me and 4 dudes. Since I hang with good looking guys the girlies were all up in their faces and mugging in mine (like little girls, lol. The ones that were actually age appropriate weren't worried about me). But the kicker was, I kept seeing girls in the mall with bonnets on. Like the ones you sleep in. Is this a new trend I'm not aware of? This chick had the nerve to side eye me. I was like ummmmm, who are you side eyeing at the mall in your finest bedtime gear? These dudes definitely aint checking for you. All of their girlfriends must go through me, and hanging at the mall looking ready for bed is a huge no no!

Last night I was texting with one of his friends about the ill.umi.nati and wit.ches and wiz.ards. We were having some good conversation! His friend is a conspiracy theorist like none other! After a while I was like, well look, I'm just going to plead the blood of Jesus and keep on going about my business. I don't have time to be walking around thinking that every di.sney movie is about mi.nd con.trol and that Hil.ary Cli.nton and Bi.lly Gra.ham are part of a huge conspiracy theory. Seriously folks, you'll go crazy researching that stuff (although it was entertaining). He said he's going to keep studying up on it and then let me know what he finds.

Today we are having a snow day!!!!! I may go in later (although I doubt it!) just for the sake of going. It is really coming down although it is nowhere near the 6-10 inches they said we were going to get, but hey, I'll take an inch or 4 if it means nobody expects me to be at work.

Did it snow where you are? Are you taking a chill day?


laughing808 said...

heck naw, I aint have a snow day and I think you shoudl go into the office as well.......LOL

I'm really surprised I came to work despite the snow. And PG county roads weren't all that clean.

Good thing about being here is just my supervisor, the CFO and I are here.....should be a really quite day.

Just_Wondering said...

I had a snowday in NYC I was HAPPPYYYYY! lol Shoveling the snow was work because he got the 6-10 inches

Anonymous said...

NYC public schools were closed which is almost unheard of. Everyone else was certainly expected at work.

Mrs Count said...

@laughing 808, all I need is a dusting of snow for me to say I aint going in, lol

@JW, I'm glad that 6-10 missed us, only because of much harder it would have been to clean off my car

@Kisz, I follow the school system. If it's too dangerous for the kiddies to be out, it's too dangerous for me to be out! I'm somebody's child too!

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