Thursday, October 2, 2008

Whoop that chick!

I'm bout to smack this chick. For real y'all. I've blogged about her before, her wedding is 2 weeks after mine. She chose this date knowing when my wedding was. She asked me to be a bridesmaid knowing when my wedding was. And I agreed, knowing I'm a fool! She has really been plucking my goshdarn nerves because she keeps bothering me and she's dumb.

Last week she called and we had this conversation:

Chick: My rehearsal is on Friday the 24th at 3pm.
Me: 3pm? Sweetie I have to work
Chick: You can't leave early?
Me: WHAATTTTT? Well I'm off for the 2 weeks before that so I don't know about all that.
Chick: Well can you ask your boss if you can leave early
Me: Yeahhhh, ok. byebye

Monday night she calls me:
Chick: Somebody wants to know if they can come to your wedding and they are right here with me.
Me: Excuse me? I know you weren't rude enough to do what I think you are doing
Chick: Well she wanted me to call you, it's Pearl, she wants to come
Me: Tell her she can come to the ceremony, not the reception, get off my phone

Yesterday she called me:
4 darn times back to back to back. Then she texted me. Then she called me again and left a message. What did she want?
To ask me to take a picture of the bridesmaid dress and text it to her aunt so she could see it so she could go to the store and buy the fabric to make a dress. My problems with that?
1. Don't call my phone that darn many times. It is rude, if I wanted to talk to you, I would have answered.
2. Don't repeat the same thing 4 times on my voicemail, it makes me angry
3. Don't be asking me to do stuff for you when I'm trying to do my own thing. How can she look at a picture on a cell phone and go buy the appropriate fabric.

I texted her back this morning telling her that I don't have picture messaging so I couldn't do it.

Today she calls me:
Twice in a row, I didn't answer. Her punishment was that I would wait an hour before calling her back. She wanted to come to the house and pick up the ugly purse that came with the dress so her aunt could use that. I call her back
Me: Chick, I'm not at home so I can't get it for you
Chick: It's ok, they didn't have it. Ohhh, you sound terrible, are you sick?
Me: Yeah, just a little
Chick: You sound decongested
Me: Yeah, I'm CONgested.
Chick: Oh, and it's so close to your wedding too.
Me: Ummmyeahhhhh I gotta go

And why did I find out this chick's wedding is $65,000. Did I mention she's on welfare? Yepyep, thanks for paying for her wedding guys!

I don't think I'll be accepting any more calls from her until after my wedding, lol. Why? Cuz it's all about me right now!


pink said...

ok...well sound like you dont like her. why agree to be in her wedding?

and i REFUSE to even talk about the fact that shes on welfare and her wedding costs more than my car. If welfare works for you, how come the courthouse didnt? ok im talkin about it and i said i leaving yhour blog before i get mad.

Therapeutic Musings said...

I did like her, till she starting getting on my nerves. When I need something from my bridesmaids or hostesses I send it them a facebook message or email and wait for them to get back to me. I seriously can't stand that she calls me every day for no reason and that she does it back to back to back to back. I blame me though, I should've just told her no :(

And girl I get livid thinking about how much she is spending. And had the nerve to complain about paying taxes one day!

Just_Wondering said...

Girl I'm surprised you agreed to be in a wedding 2weeks after yours. You are too nice lol I'd feel so stressed about my own. She seems like a hand full

Therapeutic Musings said...

JW- I don't know what the heck I was thinking about. She didn't have her wedding scheduled yet when I agreed. It was supposed to me in June. I'm telling y'all she is swagger jacking me,lol.

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