Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kaiser is the bomb!

I have said it before and I'll say it again Kaiser is the bomb, lol. I've only had it for about 5 months but each time I'm like oh wow they are much better than my last set of doctor's. Last week I got sick. I called the appointment line on Thursday crying about how I was getting married and I'm sick and what do I do. He got me an appointment Monday morning at 8:20, he asked if I wanted to talk to the advice nurse so she could help me out until then. I did and she told me what to get for the weekend. This morning I got there at 8:15, at 8:20 they called me back. My doctor came and got me I told him the story and that I also had this back in June. He asked if those meds worked, I said yep, he gave me some more. He even added to it because he was like, "Oh you will be better by Saturday, call me if you aren't. Now go out to that pharmacy and pick up your medicine." By 8:40 I was walking to my car with my filled prescriptions in my hand! How's that for service, lol. Last month when I went to the Gyn it was quick and painless! I love it :) Maybe I like it because it's all right there. It's perfect for lazy people like me. Before I even get dressed they've sent my prescription down to the pharmacy and printed out my instructions and follow up sheets.

Dear Kaiser,

Can I be in your commercials? I'm cute and I like your service.

Thank you very much,
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