Friday, October 10, 2008

Dude, I'm getting married tomorrow!

Mama TM told MamaCount off at the rehearsal last night. Yeahhh, funny stuff. MamaCount called TheCount whining afterward then he talked some sense into her and then she called my mom and apologized. She basically made fun of a song that my mom chose to walk down to. Then MamaTM got kind of buck and was like, "yeah that would be fine if your daughter was getting married, but clearly she's not." Hahahahaha, she won't tell me what else she said.

The lady that I chose to do my makeup did it last night before rehearsal. I hated it. I cried. So my mom was like I'll call her and tell her we can't afford it and get my cousin to do it. Sounds like a plan, now I can use the colors I told her to use in the first place!

My sister comes in a few hours!!!!!!!!!!!!Whooohooooo, she's coming to pick me up from the hair salon then we are going to see our friend that just had a baby then we are going to mac so I can get some foundation. I went looking yesterday but the girl was soooo rude that I walked away. My friend was like, "oh she must not know that's not how you talk to the bride!" So I'll get my rude sistah up there and I will get some service!

I had a few bridezilla moments last night because I was so frustrated about the makeup. I told my cousin to shut up and go sit in the back room and do what I told her to do and I told my dad to shut up or I will slap him. I felt bad, I need to apologize. At the rehearsal dinner one of the groomsmen tried to get loud with him. Shoooottttt, the neck rolling and "you wanna try me?" question made him jump, literally. Nobody expected that out of me. I laughed it off so people would think I was joking because I didn't expect it to come out that mean. Oh well, I've been pretty good I'll say. Off to bed now I have a 9:30 relaxer, rinse, weave appointment.


laughing808 said...

well let me be the first to say, I hope your day is better than special. I wish you and the groom a lifetime of love and happiness.

pink said...

im so excited for you!! oh! remember TM, cry pretty...not those ugly faces you like to make. ummmm...what else? i cant think of anything else but just make sure you cry pretty. congrats boo!!

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