Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Count 'em off

I think it's always important to take out some time to count your blessings. Today I found myself in a place where I was beginning to worry and stress about some stuff. Then I stopped to realize that I have never gone without something I needed and I needed to be thankful for what I have. So in this post I will share the wedding blessings. Here we go:

1. My dress was 50% off. I went into the shop and tried on a dress that I liked, then the sales consultant told me to wait, she had a dress that was on clearance that I should try. I fell in love and bam, it was mine!

2. My wedding cake was free. Yepyep, free. A 3-tier square cake with flowers cascading down the side that was big enough for 250 people. FREE! TheCount's best friend's mama is a cake baker and she did our cake for us.

3. The catering was......free. Well, we bought the food and the people cooked it for free. My aunt, my dad (who has a catering business), and my mom's best friend (who also has a catering business) cooked and served the food.

4. My cousin did my makeup for free. I bought the makeup with the gift cards I got at my bridal shower. I paid $1.50 for some mac foundation and chanel lip stick. Whooohooooo :)

5. My hairdresser was the bizzomb, lol. All that she did for what she charged was great! I drove past the salon one day and told my mom to go in and pick a stylist. What a great choice!

6.The weather was beautiful!

7. People were very very generous with gifts and funds. Seriously, we stared in surprise at some of the amounts people wrote.

8. My parent's paid for the wedding. My mom worked night and day to make sure some of the things were completed. Chair covers, table clothes, hand made invitations and programs, gift bags, picture frame favors, bridesmaid gifts, MamaTM is the bomb!

9. Family came from near and far to be with us to celebrate. Even strange family from North Carolina that I had never met before and we didn't even send an invitation to found out and showed up.

10. My husband is the bomb! He's washing dishes and cleaning up as I type and watch The Mentalist :)

I made another good dinner tonight. Rosemary chicken and potato's. The potato's were so good that I'm making another batch right now for my lunch tomorrow. It was sooooo simple and tasty. Take some time today to smile at the small things. When times of stress and pressure hit, take some time to count your blessings!


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