Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bye Bye Husband

Want to know what I just found out? The week we get back from our honeymoon TheCount has to go out of town for business. For a week. I should be sad but I'm not. Why? Cuz I get to open and place all the wedding gifts where I want. I can cash and handle the money any way I want. And I can stock up our pantry any way I want. Whooohoooo. Of course I'll miss him, but that week will let me run wild in our apartment! Everything he has done for the past month in the apartment will be undone and become TM style.

Sidenote: If MamaCount calls me or my momma about one more gotdarn thing! Ma'am, sit in your house with your money that you aren't contributing and wait until Saturday then walk down the aisle and sit down watch the ceremony take some pictures and go to the reception and eat some food then take your stingy butt home. Of course I'll never say that, but I'm on the verge of slapping her, lol.

Sidenote2: We are about 27 people over capacity at the reception. Yeahhhhhh, how about that?


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