Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wedding Wednesday: I've made my decision...take a look

This is the purple color on my nails. It does come out rather dark, perhaps I should go a shade lighter. I'm praying none of my nails break in the next 2 weeks. You should see how careful I am. I rub my cuticle oil on every night. I refuse to wash dishes or do anything dangerous, lol.

The industrial bar piercing. I am going to keep it in. Oh, perhaps I should have taken the picture with my bridal jewelry on so you could get the full effect. Oh well, I'm not taking another picture.

This is me after I left the salon when my mom got the tiara tangled in my hair. I have more angles but it wouldn't give you the full effect because I don't have the middle weave in. I'm going to wear a veil but not a blusher.


pink said...

love the nails boo! i like your piercing too! i had my traigus done but it closed =(...maybe ill get it done again, who knows. omg are you soooo excited or what!!! youze gon married nah!!

Freaky sex for TM finally!!!!! lmao...i kno that was bad but i wanted to be innapropriate for just a moment.

laughing808 said...

I love the tiara.....

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