Thursday, October 30, 2008


Let me explain something to you about TheCount. He is very friendly. He knows everybody and speaks to everybody. Whenever we go somewhere he manages to find somebody he knows and he actually speaks to them. I'm the type of person to be walking through the mall, walk right past somebody I know, then say to whoever I'm with, "haha, we just walked past my nextdoor neighbor/my best friend from school/soandso's ex boyfriend/this girl from church." I do it ALL the time. I'm just not that big on small talk. Well when we were in Mexico TheCount and his overly friendly self made friends with this dude that worked next to a restaurant I liked. HIs name was Javier, he used to live in California. He is married with 2 kids, he has their names tattooed on his arm, he's been doing his job for about 12 years now......Oh my gosh y'all I wanted to smack him, I did not come to Mexico to make friends. Our last name is Watson, and that's what the dude called us. One day we were eating at a different restaurant and he was walking by and saw us:

Javier: "Watttsssoonnnnnnn! What's up my man. Hey waiter take care of them, they are good people. Hey Watson, stop by and see me, I have more coupons for you guys."
Of course we were nice and polite, but we didn't go by. The next night it had started to rain as we were walking to dinner. I had my fabulous weave in so I didn't mind. On the way back it was storming something serious. Since the streets were cobblestone I had to be extra careful because I didn't want to sprain my ankle running. We paused at one corner to plan the best way across because the street was flooded. As we were contemplating, we heard:
"Wattttsssssooonnnnnnn! What's up my man!"
We turned around and of course it was our dude, Javier.
Javier: "Having a good time? Carry your wife across the street man."
Me: "No, it's fine, I like to play in puddles"
Javier: "Guys, come here. Meet Watson, he is a good man. Watson, this is Dude. Dude's dad is African American."
Dude: "Yessss, my dad is African American from South America, that is where I am from. Coooll Shirt Watson. Look, I have a card like that."
Javier: "Go away now, these are my friends, what are y'all doing tomorrow? Staying in all day?"
Count: "Yeahhh, I think I'll lock her in tomorrow."
Javier: "Ohhhh Watson, you are sneaky. Ok be safe guys."
I can't tell y'all how many times during the course of the week we heard somebody calling out our name! Granted the only other time we saw black people was when the cruise ship was docked, but still, we couldn't have been the only interesting people in the town!


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