Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm Bacckkkkkkkkk and I'm better than ever!

I am back from my honeymoon :) Thank you to everybody that stopped by with well wishes and a special thank you to Pserendipity that dedicated a whole blog post to me! I was cheesing and telling folks and they looked at me like, sooooo what? Go to bed, you're getting married in the morning, lol!

I'm just putting up a few pictures today but throughout the week look for some more detailed posts. I have lots of time on my hands because my husband is in St. Louis for work this week and I'm at home, all alone, already :( My parents won't let me come stay with them for the week, how mean is that! For 23 years I lived with those folks and within one week of getting married I'm banned? How rude! I should call their house at 3am fake crying, then they'll let me come back home! Anyway here is a sample of my one of a kind wedding. The first picture is us running out of the church lol. Notice the shoes on the guys, yepyep, those are chucks. The second and third pictures are us being our silly selves.

Shades and chucks imagine I know some of the older traditional people were like what the heck is going on here!

I just knew the pastor was gonna come and tell us to get down! LOL but he sat in his car and watched us have yet another photo shoot outside of his church. Thanks Pastor T!
Our internet is acting soooo janky right now. It has taken me hours to make a facebook album and my tv isn't even working right. I hope I can get the posts together for the rest of the week. I'm sitting in this apartment with the worlds slowest internet, our cable won't work, AND the washing machine has decided to stop working! When TheCount leaves this place goes crazy!

I'm spending my day reading your blogs! Have a great Monday!


laughing808 said...

welcome back ,hope you had a great honeymoon.

I like the outdoor pic of the bridal party......

pink said...

the outdoor pic is so cute!! Now you have to change your name to MRS. COUNT. and we want mexico pics!!!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey TM
I was reading Antithesis' page and I saw your comment about being married and I said WHOOOOA I missed it. so here I am so say CONGRATULATIONS! I don't know you but believe me I am happy for you :-).
The pictures look amazing you all look great.
can't wait for more pics.
LOL @ your parents banning
best wishes

Just_Wondering said...

Congrats on your wedding!!! You looked great! Everything looked GREAT and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE ok sorry LOVEEE the last group picture!!!!! Wonderful!

I hope the Lord blesses Your Marriage!

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