Thursday, October 23, 2008

Too Much Info Friday

Yesterday Pink asked if we got sick in Mexico. Let's just say one of us spent a whole day on the toilet and it was not me! You would have thought somebody died in there! While I'm on TMI Imight as well keep going, lol.

My mom came over yesterday to wait for the Comcast guy. We were on the phone together and she was begging to see the honeymoon pictures. I already told her "mommy, just wait, it's some inappropriate stuff on there." She kept on saying that I'm married now and nothing is inappropriate. I said time and time again mommy you don't need to see all of the pictures. But since she kept begging I told her how to get to them on the computer. It was so funny to hear her reaction. First she saw the one with me sitting in the tub, "ohh wow that's a lot of bubbles" then she saw the next series of pictures with us wearing the bubbles as clothes,"oh my!" Then she saw the one where I was trying to take a picture of TheCount drying off. Thank goodness his towel was covering his man parts! My mom was like "ummm don't think I should have seen that one!" Next was TheCount trying to get me back by taking pictures of me on the toilet, those were funny. Then she got to some pictures of me posing in a short robe, with nothing under it. My mom was like "ohhh what a relief, I thought you were a prude. I felt sorry for TheCount, I thought he was going to have to miss out on all sorts of sexual fun because he married my prude daughter. Now I know you can have SOME fun." I was like maaaaaaaaa! Ugggh she is so embarassing.


pink said...

lmao!! YOu shoulda told amamTM to stay out the kitchen if she couldnt take the HEAT!!! lol...oooh yall was get freaky in Mexico gurl! lol...Im glad yall had fun tho and im sooooo mad you put the COUNT out there like that!!! least it was only one day tho. Ive heard that some people get so sick that the have to visit the local hospital! aint that crazy?!

Therapeutic Musings said...

I heard about people getting sick, that's why I wouldn't even let him brush his teeth with the water, we had a big bottle to use. I also told him not to eat the fresh produce washed with their water. The only thing we ate different was he kept eating lettuce with his stuff and I didn't. He still claims he doesn't know how he got sick. Well fool if you ate lettuce washed with the water you can't drink, how do you think you got sick?

And he deserved to be put out there....oh the horrors I had to smell. Passing gas without warning...I almost died in that bed!

pink said...

oh the joys of a live in boyfriend/hubby, i guess lmao

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