Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hey You!

On Sunday we went to another cookout. It went much better :) These friends just bought a house a few months ago too, but it's not ready for company yet so they had the party at his parents house. Good times man. Clean house, good food is that too much to ask?
I think it's hilarious when people can't remember my name. Since I got married, I no longer have to put up with being called Jennifer/Stephanie/Jasmine none of which are my name but those are the three I get called the most. It used to happen a lot. Now, I'm MrsCount. What a lovely cover up cuz everybody knows him, he used to whisper my name to people so they could act like they remembered. Yeahhh I'm standing here too fool and I hear you. The other night in church this dude was like, you're MrsCount for the first year, then we'll change it to your name. I started laughing and asked if it was because it would take him that long to remember my name. He started laughing and was like, girl I know your name, don't play. Yet, he didn't say it. Like 5 minutes later I hear somebody whisper "TM" I look up and he's just cheesing. I was like did you just now remember my name? HAHAHAHA He said he had been praying for 5 minutes that the Lord would reveal to him my name. Perhaps I should just invest in a name tag.
How were those 2 paragraphs related? Well at the cookout somebody referred to me as wife. Now that's taking it too far, lol. It went like this "heyyyy Count, hey wife." I was like do people really not know how to play it off better than that? A simple "heeyyyyy Count," then "how are you," while hugging me would have been fine. Or just say no names at all. There are so many people that I've never used their name because I don't know what to call them. Anyway, this weekend we are going to NC for my great aunt's birthday.I don't know a lot of my family's names because I don't even think I'm really related to these folks. Problem is, they are probably going to want me to introduce them to TheCount. We are going to have to work out a little routine so I don't have to use names.
What do you do when you can't remember a persons name or never knew it and they knew yours...especially family?
TM's wishlist: Laptop, Loans paid off and Lasik, just in case anybody was wondering and had some extra dough lying around. Random huh?


kisz4tj said...

I just say "Hey....how arrre you" and greet with a hug or something keep it moving. I'm horrible at names. If I have to make an introduction I try to do it as a group so I'll say Count this is erebody...erebody this is TheCount..lol

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