Thursday, April 2, 2009

Privacy Invasion

I need to invade your privacy once again. I'm doing budget things and I want to make sure we're on track and I'm not living in some delusion that I'm saving money, when y'all are being more frugal than me. I must be the cheapest! I'm using this very good Christian based money management website and when you enter in 3 basics, they break down how much you should spend in each category. I will be happy to share the website with you guys, after you give me the information I want! Here we go:
1. Do you tithe?
2. How much does you spend per month on groceries? How many people are you feeding?
3. Seriously, do you spend $2000.00 a year in insurance?
I don't believe in asking questions you aren't willing to answer so here are my answers as well:
1. Yes, we were both brought up tithing. If you don't, it's cool, I'm just wondering. Please keep your rants on how the church only wants your money to yourself, thanks (but feel free to share any other reasons, lol).
2. When we put in our 3 basics they tabulated how much we should spend per month on food. The personal budget I set for us is $300 per month, last month we only spent $200! Whooohoooo. Anyway, the budget said $500. Now for only 2 people that is a bit much in my opinion, but I easily cook for 4 every so I guess if we had kids or male teenagers we could easily reach $500 (who I am kidding, I am a coupon and sales queen, unless I have 6 kids I aint spending that much).
3. I don't know how much home owners insurance is so maybe it is super high, but the budget website said up to $2000 in car/life/and homeowners insurance per year. Our car insurance is about $800 a year and our renters insurance is less than $150 (I really can't remember but I think I remember it was supposed to be $11 or $12 a month). Which is all less than $1000. Health insurance was a different category, so that wasn't included in the $2000.
The website is really interesting, I'll tell you if you tell me.


Nerd Girl said...

1. I don't tithe regularly and I am not proud of that fact. Believe me, I know better.

2. I generally spend between 60 and 70 a week for groceries. I shop at W.alMart, so that includes toiletries, cleaning supplies, and other miscellaneous stuff. That's for two adults (one of whom is gone 5 days a week) and a 4 year old.

3. Hmmm. We probably do spend about much a year on insurance. About 1K for homeowners, 1500 for car, and 2 hundred for life policies. Okay, we spend closer to 3!

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

I'm not a working lady so I can contribute but I do have a question.

What is the difference between donating to your church organization and tithe?

pserendipity said...

@ Mrs. Young, I think the difference is that a tithe is what you're OBLIGATED to pay back to God from your earnings (you should pay this without even thinking about it -- as a minimum), while a donation is just what you put in the offering over and above your tithes, which is why they say your "tithes and offerings." I could be wrong, but that's how it's been explained to me. I'm sure TM knows.

1. No. And I feel bad about it because, as NerdGirl says, I KNOW better. I was brought up and taught to do so.

2. I spend about $100 a week in groceries, but I also go to WalMart and that includes all the other stuff too. Plus stuff that I just pick up that I have no business having. And stuff that Aidan puts in the buggy while I'm not looking.

3. Yes, I spend right at $2000 yearly in car, home, and life insurance.

laughing808 said...

1. No I don't tithe, when I do attend church I do give an offering.

2. It's just hubby and I, and the amount we spend varies each month. Some months we can get away with about 300 a month, other months it can get a little higher. I get alot of staples from the likes of Target and Walmart, so there's some savings there.

3. We might spend a bit more than 2k for insurance, auto & homeowners is about 2100. And then life insurance is thru our employers and I'm not sure about those amounts.

Now send me the website.....LOL
Please, thank you!

kisz4tj said...

1. I tithe faithfully and give offering

2. Groceries run about $100 a week for the 4, sometimes 5 of us.

3. I don't have renters insurance, but I need it stat. My car ins is $700ish for liability..its NY..argh.

Jazz said...

1) yes I do tithe regularly
2)+3) i live at home with my mom , so I dont buy groceries or pay insurance

Therapeutic Musings said...

@Nerdgirl, I had no idea insurance costs that much!
@Mrs YF-Pserendipity is right, the tithe is 10% off your income that you give to God no matter what. Offering is above and beyond the tithe.
@Pserendipity-I wish we had a walmart with groceries here. I used to shop their my freshman year of college and it was much cheaper!
@Laughing808-the website information is in Friday's post!
@kisz4tj- You better get your insurance! That is your homework for the week!
@Jazz- Amen to the home living! The good ole days, lol.

kisz4tj said...

I forgot to add that is $700 for liability using my "other" address in NY. If it were mine it would probably be double that amt.

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