Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Little bit of everything

Laughing808 and Kisz4tj, I really am going to send you the information, as soon as I remember to bring it from home. It would probably help if I woke up on time and got to work on time. In the meantime, check out the website.
Time for some TMI. I am no longer taking birth control. NOOOOO we're not trying to have no darn kiddies, but I can't deal with the side effects anymore. You can't convince me that birth control isn't the devil, I know that it is. I'm going to go 2 months without to see if I can get back to normal and then go talk to my doctor again. I need to see if my theories are true before I go mouthing off, lol.
I panicked on Sunday when I realized Easter was next week and I had no outfit. Then my sisnlaw informed me I was working in the nursery so  no good clothes! It's going to be packed :) The other workers will probably be all mad about all the screaming babies and I'll be in heaven, lol. Babies are the best!
One of my friends called me yesterday to tell me she's engaged! I'm so happy for her, they've been together for like 7 years and have 2 kids and they live together. In all that time, I don't think I've ever hung with her and the dude though. The only time I remember being around him was at the hospital for their first child. I have no idea what he's like. Maybe I'll go busting up in there house one weekend, or invite them all over for dinner, she lives right around the corner from me and has never been over. We are trifling friends, lol.
You know what I like about TheCount? He can tell when I'm in a mood and he knows what he needs to do. I haven't done ANY housework this week, which is really unlike me and rather than make snide comments, I think he realized that I just can't do anything right now aside from sit down wrapped up in blankets. This morning he was washing dishes which is good because I was refusing to do them (secretly). I was mad that he had 3 cereal bowls in the sink. Take it out and rinse it and use it again. Don't keep grabbing new dishes man! Tomorrow, I'll be back in action. I have a spot to clean on the floor and I'm going to finally put my clothes away. Shoot, I might even throw in a load of laundry!
Ohhhhh, I think I have some people that have the potential to be friends :) They are corny like me and they don't have the drama! I love it. On Sunday as TheCount talked to his man friends after church, they came running over to me to talk! This is a monumental occasion.
My sister has been having nightmares for the past 3 weeks. Why? She's scared about the sorority thing. About 300 girls applied and only 57 are going to get picked. She's had some funny dreams man!
This dude was trying to tell me how much I looked like his niece. He kept going on and on about how we might be twins (we are the same age) and stuff and then he hit me with, "she even has pimples just like you do!" I'm so glad I realize my cuteness, cuz I just laughed and laughed and was like, did he really just say that? Dude, that's something you can think, but you don't say! Too bad I have a feeling this chick is not going to be as cute as I think I am. They never are. People tell me how much I look like somebody and then it's some homely, stick thin chick with damaged hair, glasses, and acne. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. Shoot, that was the 15 year old me. Now I'm the plain, but fly chick, with healthy flowing hair, contacts, and bright skin that's clearing up, lol. I cannot wait to see this girl. I pray it's not as disastrous as the last time I met one of my "twins!"


kisz4tj said...

Thanks TM..I just took the personality ID...I neeeeds It was absolutely on point.

laughing808 said...

yeah, yeah, yeah.....just get us that info......just kidding. Take your time, the website has a bunch of useful information.

SimplyB said...

I stopped taking my BC on friday as well. I have PCOS but I really have no other reason to take it. I'm convinced that it is no good for my body right now especially with the stress of school and trying to find a job!

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