Friday, April 3, 2009

Join hands, bow your heads, and close your eyes

We need to all join hands in a prayer circle today. After work today I have to hop in my car on this rainy gloomy day and drive 2 hours to my church's Women's Ministry Pajama Jam. I want to go, but I would much rather jam 30 minutes away. I also have to share a room with my sister in law. I love her dearly but she talks to darn much. I also haven't purchased any pajamas that I would be willing to let my church see me in. PJD suggested that I wear my lovely pink one-piece jammies, but I really don't have the nerve. I'm bold as long as I have a sidekick, but neither my mom nor my sister will be there so I must remain invisible, lol. I figure I have to pass a walmart or target in a 2 hour ride...right? I wore a really cute outfit just in case I don't have time to get jammies, people will be so dazzled by my style and this EXCELLENT hair week I've been having to notice that I'm not dressed for bed. Anyway, pray I don't fake car trouble just so I can stay home or that I don't put a pillow over my SIL's face to shut her up. Thanks, much appreciated.
Thanks for all the answers yesterday, I was looking at my screen like really? Insurance gets that expensive? Well I guess when you have actual things to insure aside from a busted laptop, a good laptop, a discount big screen tv, and an ipod (seriously those are the only valuable things in our house and it doesn't even top $2000) then insurance would cost more. On to the website. The spending plan was really helpful to provide a general guideline. There are also other helpful tools on the site that you can use as your needs dictate. Under the financial & career tools tab there are many free worksheets and such. In high school I used the teen version of their materials and I taught ( the only gainfully employed teen that actually participated in church = default teacher, lol) a Bible study series on managing money. It was really helpful, I learned he material well since I had to teach all summer, it's why I'm so rich and my friends are so broke. Years ago my parents used this website to get out of debt, it's why they are so rich and their friends are so broke. [Ugghhh guys, you know I'm hyping it up right, please don't think I'm actually implying that we are taking money baths over here. I'm really just saying, we learned the skills to effectively manage the income we have to meet all our needs/wants okkkkk, no snarky comments please]
Hmmm that makes me wonder, is it rude, in this economy, to say that you haven't really been affected by the recession? I mean, don't go up to a friend that is getting thrown out and talk about something great you just bought, just in general. In a lot of discussions recently people talk about things they have given up because of the economy and I just sit there because we haven't done anything differently. Maybe it's because we just got married when all of the craziness started so we began our bill paying lives with the recession in mind. Don't get me wrong, jobs are something we often pray about, especially since TheCount gets an email almost every week of somebody getting let go from his company, but we do just that, pray and keep it moving. I feel like God has really kept us during this time because, honestly, when I did our budgeting before we got married, I had no idea how we were going to make it. Now, it's not even an issue and I feel bad because it is an issue for so many people. I think I'll just keep my little mouth shut and keep living.
Back to my weekend, don't forget that prayer circle! I finally bullied my ONLY female friend from church into going, so hopefully I'll have somebody to talk to this weekend and not end up in the corner alone (did I ever mention I'm very socially awkward?) like I so often do without a sidekick. Prayer circle...commence!


Jazz said...

TM ,

One of the ministers at my church preached a sermon called "recession-proof " . As Christians , we are recession proof - if we are truly believing that He will supply all of our needs . So when I say that I'm not affected by the recession - its true , Im not . I have been more blessed during this time, than at any other time . I found a job when people are getting laid off from theirs . I really enjoy your blog , and I hope your prayer jam goes well.

Therapeutic Musings said...

Thanks Jazz. They teach the same thing at my church, and I really wanted to know if other people think the same thing. TheCount and I have been sooooo blessed during this recession too :) Thanks for commenting!

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