Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just my 'magination?

Why come nobody told me it was take your children to work day? Mannnn, I would have went and hung with my momma running errands today if I knew.
On to the topic at hand. Since nobody wanted to shout out on my behalf yesterday, I made my way to church and did it myself. Y'all I think I have myself a hater. Not the haters I make up in my head just to add some drama to my life. But a real, live, side eye giving hater! This is very exciting for me. There are a set of twins that go to my church. They're young (mid-20's at best) and soooo pretty (well one has a bad weave right now, but we'll overlook that). Last week I went into the sanctuary looking for TheCount after bible study since I had been in the nursery. I noticed the short haired twin looking at me. No biggie, that's what you do when you see somebody. As I walked and scanned the sanctuary, I noticed her staring at me still. I found TheCount and stood by him. Looking around to go pick up our stuff, I notice she is now looking at me with a stank face. It caught me off guard because she is standing with a group of people and they were all talking but she was completely focused on me. I chalked it up to her being engrossed in thought and kept it moving. Well last night at church we were seated (completely against my will) on the second row, right behind the pastors and next to somebody who thought she was having her own personal conversation with the pastor as he was preaching (ma'am, he didn't really want you to answer that question). It was also the same row with the twins. I'm getting adjusted and such and I look up and shorthairtwin is giving me a side eye like none other. I looked away like, why in the world does she keep making faces at me? I know it's not because of my good looks (although my eyebrows are killer right now, lol) so it must be TheCount. Now we all now and agree that TheCount is a fine piece of man meat dipped in chocolate so I'm interpreting her looks to mean "why the heck is that fine piece of chexual chocolate with that plain chick with the killer brows?" During offering I looked at TheCount:
Me: Baby, I think I have myself a hater! i was wayyyy to excited about this
TheCount: What, who?
Me: She keeps giving me an evil look
TheCount: Who twin?
Me: Yeah!
TheCount: Girl, aint nobody hating on you, she probably doesn't even realize she's doing it
Yet you correctly guessed the offender which  means you saw it too.He probably just doesn't want me to think she's hating because when I think somebody doesn't like me, I take it way to far and constantly refer to them as my arch nemesis and analyze their every move as an attack against me. Most of the time, folks aren't even paying me any mind, lol. I've got my eye on her though. This will be so exciting for me if I really do have a hater :) Oh and of course I made sure to keep holding TheCounts hand last night, and I made him act like he loved me and generally try to carry myself 'like I thought I was cute' shoot, if she is hating, I gotta give her something to hate on! If she's not, then I'll convince my self that she is until I can finally get myself a real hater.
Hey Jesus, did you hear me last night in church? Just a reminder, a pink laptop, loans paid off, and lasik eye surgery. Thanks! You know I'm going to keep asking until I get it right? Of course you do!


laughing808 said...

I am in stitches @ TheCount is a fine piece of man meat dipped in chocolate


Yeah, you have to give the haters something to look at, otherwise what else would they do! LOL

Anonymous said...

gurl! you are a mess!!! lol i know what you are talkin about tho. I was sooo excited when i found out who tima was cuz i never have haters!! lol...i was just like you tombout i gotta hater!! woot woot! lol...and she prolly hatin on your whole situation which would be that you are young gotta hot piece of prime man meat on your arm that you is MURRIED to (and not just your babydaddy or somethin) and you got killer brows to top off your whole fabulosityness...mhmmm..thats what it is gurl.

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