Friday, April 24, 2009

It's beautiful outside, let's not do work!

Today is the day of our trip. I have my ipod, nintendo ds, installed a twitter app on my cell phone, and I only got 3 hours of sleep last night, so a 6 hour car ride should be no problem to sleep through and still be able to fall asleep when we get down there at 2 a.m.
I still need to go to the store today and try and find some flats/summer shoes that aren't heels. I loath flip flops, because I think feet need some protection. We'll see what I can come up with at Marshall's and Macy's today during my midday break.. The other day I restocked my summer supply of tshirts from Forever21, what can I say, I don't require much. I also got TheCount some shirts as a gift for our 6 year anniversary next week. We both like to wear Christian t-shirts and has some really cool ones. I'll try and get some pictures so you guys can see how cool we really are :)
We have declared it "let's not do any real work today" day. It's my turn in email hangman, and I need to peruse the innanets for some style ideas for shoes. Have a lovely weekend, make it a good one, and don't forget to pray for us!


Product Junkie Diva said...

Have a WONDERFUL trip.

laughing808 said...

I like the site, thanks for sharing.....I almost ordered something then I realized that these are junior sizes and well, I'll just say Big Girls RULE! LOL

Have a safe trip!

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