Thursday, April 16, 2009

This story is much better than pictures

Ok, I don't have any pictures ready for today because I have been so freaking busy. I do have an interesting story though.
Last night at church we had a guest speaker who comes frequently to talk about health. Unfortunately, I missed service because I walked past the nursery and realized there was only 1 worker and a line of parents waiting to drop off babies. I ended up staying in there because the normal workers didn't show up. When I left out when church was over I saw TheCount excitedly talking with people. There are 2 problems with that. 1. TheCount does not excite easily. If he's excited, that means something big went down, and it's normally bad. 2. TheCount does not normally talk to these folks anyway aside from a hi and bye.
I walk over and ask what's going on. Nobody stops talking to inform me. TheCount asks where I went (I did just disappear, lol) and if I wanted to know what happened I should have stayed. I give him the look of death, but got distracted by somebody running up to 2 of the wh.ite girls at our church and saying "thank y'all so much for still being here. We love you and appreciate you." I was looking like, what the heck is going on in here? The whi.te girls were like "shoot this is our church. No guest is gonna run us out of here."
Apparently, Gre.gory was at our church to give his testimony on how changing his eating habits affected his life. It didn't go as planned. He went off on a major tirade against whi.te people. He was talking about how wh.ite people are the de.vil and how we need to stop giving them our money and how bla,ck people have bad habits and it's all the whi.te man's fault. He blamed the fact that he used to smoke on wh.ite people (he saw them do it so it must be ok) and he went on to say all sorts of evil things. Dude! Not cool in any way. TheCount was like everybody's eyes got big, people were sweating and EVERYBODY was staring at our pastor, cuz he does not play stuff like that. TheCount said he was sitting on the edge of his chair hoping our pastor would not go up there and drag gre.gory down and throw him out. The person that invited him wrote a note telling him to stop, but he wouldn't. The person inviting him also stood up to go up and stop him, but I guess he wimped out at the thought of offending an icon and sat back down.  After a few minutes of seeing the situation was going from bad to worse, our pastor jumped up there and was like, "Cut it out, we love you, but we don't believe that kind of stuff at this church. We walk in love, we love everybody. The whi.te man is not our enemy, the devil is our enemy. This is my pulpit, I'm responsible for what gets said up here and that is not acceptable speech in my church. Jesus didn't preach hate, we don't preach hate." I don't know what else was said, because I wasn't there, but that's the part TheCount told me. Seriously, how could he think that tirade would be tolerated? And why do people keep giving old people microphones!!??? They need to do print interviews so it can be edited, old people are crazy, they think they can say everything they think. Everybody seemed pleased with the way our pastor handled the situation (y'all our pastor is gangsta, at TheCount's brother's funeral CousinCount got up and was like, "Maybe God called him home cuz he needed an electrician in heaven," and some other whack stuff. His whole family {who is made up of many pastors by the way} was looking at him like, dude that aint nowhere in the Bible, if you don't shut up. When our pastor got up to preach the message he was like, ummmm God does not need any help running heaven. It has streets of gold, do you really think he needs somebody to help with electricity? It was sooooooo funny, and even funnier because CousinCount didn't even realized the pastor was talking about him).
 Anyway, I said all that to say, I'm glad I go to a church where the pastor has a backbone. I don't care who you are or where you are, you cannot say things that are against what we believe and think that it won't get corrected. Oh if I could have been a fly on the wall when they went into the back room with the pastor.
{Unrelated note, SimplyB, did you get a chance to try the ondemand workouts? I did it again last night and I'm so sore, TheCount tried to do it with me but sat down and fell asleep after 15 minutes, lol)


Nerd Girl said...

I'm not excusing what he said, but really, come on now - that's what D.ick G.regory has always talked about and said. Did whoever invited him really think he was going to change his message or mellow out because he was in church? Wish I could've been there to see that!

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