Thursday, April 9, 2009

You talkin' to me?

I just accidentally sent my boss an email intended for my work out buddy. She called me while on a conference call and I was trying to respond since I couldn't pick up the phone. SO embarrassed! Thankfully my boss has a great sense of humor and sent back LOL. Here's the email:

Yes ma'am…How can the great one assist you today? I'm on a call so the great one cannot speak.


On behalf of MyCompany,

Therapeutic Musings, The Great One


Whenever I answer my phone and I know the caller, I always say, this is The Great One. Normally my mom or TheCount will be like, "ohhh, I was trying to reach TM. Do you know her?" Haters!



At Church on Sunday our pastor said, in no uncertain terms, that people need to stop booty tootin' on Facebook and then jumping on stage to lead praise and worship. Well he didn't really say booty tooting, but it was similar. His point was live for God, or don't. Hot or cold. At least be embarrassed when you are acting a fool, don't be all cocky with it like you aren't wrong. People are friends with our pastor on Myspace and still put up stuff about smoking (illegal things) and drinking. Unfriend him if that's what you want to represent!  And please unjoin our church group if all your pictures are of you in your bra and panties, Jesus aint smiling at you about that foolishness. People are bold in their trifling ways.




Today I was talking to 2 coworkers in an office. I saw him eating apples and I smelled tuna. I assumed he was eating apples and tuna. The other coworker asked what the fishy smell was. It turns out somebody else was eating fish for breakfast. I was like,

Me: "Oh, I thought you were eating apples and tuna"

Dude: "WHAT? Who eats apples and tuna?"

Me: "My bad, I thought it was a white people thing."

Lady: "No, mayo is a white people thing, apples and tuna is just gross."


I was falling out laughing this morning!



Yesterday TheCount and I were in the hall talking. I took my sweater and started hitting him with it. I saw he had hs coat in his hand and thought he was going to hit me back so I start side-running away.

Him: "What are you, a rat? Why are you scampering.? Run like a human."

Me: "Naawwww man, you can't turn your back on the enemy! That's what Jua.nita By.num taught me."

Him: "No, she should have taught you not to turn your back on God."


Not that I find her beat down funny, but I sure found that funny. I used to tell TheCount all the time that her and her hubby weren't right, I could just feel it. He's going through all sorts of drama right now and she has flipped off the deep end (google pictures of her last bday).



Last night, I sure hope God wasn't talking to me at church. So I  said yesterday I got off the pill. I have been scared because I'm not really trying to have kids yet and the pill seemed the best way to prevent it. So I've been praying about it. I'll give y'all one guess what Bible Study was about. Children are a blessing from the Lord. Uhhh, God, you talking to me? The couple speaking was awesome! It was one of the best messages on family I have heard in a while. She is living my dream! They have 7 kids and now she runs a christian daycare that services people that can't afford daycare. That is my ultimate goal in life :) They spoke on everything I have been feeling lately and I really enjoyed it. I have to get that CD on Sunday so I can pass it around since my circle of friends are now getting married and having babies. That word was on point, but I sure hope God was giving me that knowledge for the distant future and not now :)


Anonymous said...

yay!!! babiesssssss!! yes!

yall gon have some babies gurrrl!

im mad you said booty tootin...and now im gonna steal it! lol

Anonymous said...

Apples and tuna? And who eats fish for breakfast (unless it's bake and saltfish)?

-found you by way of Pserendipity.

kisz4tj said...

"And please unjoin our church group if all your pictures are of you in your bra and panties" - WOW

You want to run a christian day care center?

Therapeutic Musings said...

@pinx we aint having no babies! Booty toot away, lol

@innerdiva welcome! I don't know what was up with that fish. Especially since they sit in cubicles!

@kisz4tj This chick (who doesn't even have a great body) has all sorts of pictures with her bending over in her bra and panties with her tummy all out. Grossness!

Yes ma'am! I don't want to run the daycare until after I have my kiddies. I have it all planned out, I'll post about it one of these days.

SimplyB said...

Booty tootin is not the hotness!

I googled....I saw....I gagged. Juanita is totally off her rocker.

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