Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shout out to Jesus!

If you happen to make it to Bible study tonight (it's supposed to storm here, and I may just have to catch it live on the innanets), can you give a little shout out to God on TheCount and my behalf? I've been talking to Him, but I think this week we need some extra voices in His ear. TheCount was in a funky mood Monday and Tuesday, I think it started Sunday night, but I was acting a fool over a laptop so I didn't really notice. Yesterday he finally snapped out of if after my great motivational speech:
Me: Now look. There are only 2 people in this house. That means extended bouts of sadness are not acceptable. You get half a day then you get over it. Growing up if my sister was acting funky, I hung with my mom. If mom was acting funky, I hung with my sister. If dad was acting funky, we all banded together to make fun of him. I don't have anybody here but you, so get over it, I'm tired of talking to myself.
TheCount: I'm trying.
Me: Don't try, be. Be happy
See, I'm such a loving wife! I heard rumors I'm up for wife of the year :)
Anyway, the real reason we need some extra shout outs to heaven is for our weekend. We are going to NC for my great aunties b-day. We are riding with my parents. Those two sentences may not seem like a lot to you, but goodness gracious I don't know why I agreed to this (yes I do, my mom pointed out I could use this to get out of every other family thing for the year). First off, I don't care for my dad's side of the family. They are rude and think whatever they think they should say including remarks about my skin, butt, and hips. I can't tell you how many times my momma found me hidden somewhere crying because one of them said something unnecessary. I should be fine this time though, because now I'm all cute and stuff and I know I'm all cute and stuff. I have a feeling some of them will show off for TheCount though. I'm trying to remember what happened last time we went down there. One of my cousins said something and TheCount was like, what the heck is wrong with your family, lol. Oh well, I'm sure I'll have an entertaining post on Monday.
The real issue is the car ride. Six hours in the car with my parents = not fun. No, let me rephrase that. Six hours in the car with my daddy = hell. He normally doesn't show out with TheCount is around so if I have my ipod and a book I should be cool...I pray. My daddy is 6' 4" and TheCount is 6' 1"so that already means a cramped car and my dad is SELFISH with space, and he eats stinky foods in the car. Party mix/pork rinds/Doritos are not car trip foods. I'm going to throw them out the window if he does it this time.  My dad listens to redneck radio and gets soooooo country when we head down to be with his family. He also either drives really crazy or reallllyyyyyyyyy slow. One time he was driving my ex, my best friend, and me down to look at a college and he chose realllyyyyyy crazy. When we got out, my ex was like "yoooo was dad trying to kill us? I know he didn't want us to go here together but dag."
Moral of the story is, if you want TheCount and I to stay married, and you want my daddy to live past the weekend, I suggest you start shouting out to God for us. Thanks!
Ohhh and while you've got God's attention, you can also tell him I would like a pink laptop, my school loans paid off, and lasik surgery. You can leave your requests in the comments, I'll go ahead and give you a shout out too.


kisz4tj said...

I would send up a request on your behalf. I'd like everyone to come back in one piece and without charges pending.

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