Friday, April 17, 2009

It's time for the weekend!

It feels so good to be back at my desk! My office has big bright windows, a comfy chair, and a computer that acts right! I haven't been here all week and I was so excited to be back, I was on time for work! I haven't seen my office mate in 2 weeks, I even miss her :)
On my way out of the house this morning I meant to take one final picture to complete picture week, but I forgot. We had to rearrange the living room to better suit my exercise since my balance isn't the greatest. I almost killed myself on the coffee table so many times. We now have a nice open floor plan so that 2 people can exercise at the same time without falling into the patio door/table/tv stand.
My mom came up last night so I could do her hair. She was doing some of the Cardioke with me but that lame-o was only half doing it. She didn't even join in on the other 3 workouts I did. All yesterday she was trying to have interventions with my sister and me. We were both like, ma, shut up and get off our phones! She was trying to talk to my sister about se.xti/ng and me about my diet and exercise. She asked what I had for lunch and I told her grapes. She got all worried and was like, are you starving yourself? Ma please. I am in a dirty building surrounded by dirty buildings, I have no desire to eat from any of these places. When I was working out last night she kept on asking "you're doing another one?" Mommy please, I'm finally off those devil pills and I am going to be fabulous this summer :)
I have a cookout to go to tomorrow. I think TheCount just may go with me, which is rare cuz he isn't a big fan of the person having it. But he knows that a lot of single, loser black men will be there. Let's face it, I'm cute and when dudes get drunk (which they will) they try to push up on anybody. I don't really want to go because I refuse to eat anything that they make. I used to work with her and I was in her wedding, I've seen her idea of hygiene. I don't approve. I also have no desire to see the groomsmen that tried to get at me at the wedding even though I told them I JUST got married (exactly 2 weeks earlier). I am excited that they got a new house though! I wonder though, am I supposed to bring a gift? No seriously, they just got a house, they are having their first cookout, not necessarily a housewarming though, do I need to bring a gift? I may get a gift card just in case.
Dang it, I have another event Sunday too. Another cookout, for a birthday. They made it quite clear a gift was expected, lol. Since both of these couples are newly married in new homes perhaps I'll go with a lovely gift card to help get some fun stuff for the house. 
I am wearing some india.arie out right now. Have you ever realized her greatness? I love people that sing about something of substance. You can tell work went into each of her albums. I love it! I'm digging neo-soul right now. Anybody have any good neo-soul artists to recommend? 
I only cooked one day this week. How dreadful. It wasn't even all that great. I made fettuccine alfredo with broccoli, but the recipe I used said use butter and the main component of the sauce. I made it before and I used marscapone(sp?) cheese, I liked that one much better. I'll be back on point next week though.
Speaking of food, I need to hop on over to the food network website because I've only received 1 magazine since February. I haven't seen any new ones in the store either. If y'all gave up on the magazine, give me my darn money back. Off to research...
One more thing, are any of y'all on twitter? If y'all are on there, find me, I'm MrsCount (well that was simple, lol).


laughing808 said...

girl, India is the bomb......have you listened to Anthony Hamilton?

Anonymous said...

Have you heard Wayna? I believe she's from DC...she's awesome. Leelah James, Goapele and Ledisi are also very good, if you haven't heard any of theri stuff yet.

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